Jim Ross Blogs About Reid Flair's Debut, De La Hoya – Pacquiao & More

January 31, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which can be read at JRsBarBQ.com in its entirety. Some highlights:

— “Manny Pacquiao defeating Oscar De La Hoya was not a surprise to me but Oscar not being able to finish was. De La Hoya has essentially carried the waning, boxing business on his back and the combination of the hellaciously relentless Pacquiao and Mother Nature was too much for the “Golden Boy” (not the late Arnold Skaaland) to overcome. Oscar has invested well, prepared for his future and seems to be financially set for the balance of his life which is refreshing to know. Boxing, however, in general is so diluted that I can’t even name all the heavyweight champs and I consider myself a decent boxing fan…or at least I used to be before the UFC came along.”

— “I met Ricky Steamboat’s son several months ago and thought at the time, simply by his look, the kid might be special. I know that the younger Steamboat is athletic and was an outstanding high school athlete. The son of the “Dragon” will hopefully be scarfed up by the WWE at some point and sent to FCW to train with many other second generation competitors. The elder Steamboat was an amazing hand in his day and Ricky’s bouts with Ric Flair are still talked about today and were some of the best I ever had the privilege of broadcasting.”

— “Big weekend in Charlotte for the Flair’s as Ric’s youngest son Reid made his in ring debut Saturday night. One can only imagine the “after party” and without question “The Naitch” would be my guess as the celebration’s MVP. Following his famous father won’t be easy for Reid and hopefully he will develop his own style and his own approach to the game and not try to emulate his Dad’s every move. I do know that Reid is athletic and has a solid amateur background and I wish him the best. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Ric head to South Florida around January 8 to catch the OU-Florida BCS National Title Fame as Ric is not only a great friend of mine but also of OU Coach Bob Stoops who Ric met when Bob was the defensive coordinator for the Gators. Enjoying some social time in South Beach with Ric and attending the football would definitely be blog worthy….to say the least. But no cameras, please.”

** VIDEO of REID FLAIR’s Debut Match from Saturday! RIC FLAIR Saves The Day & HULK HOGAN Counts the Pin!