Jinder Mahal On Why 3MB Was Not Successful, His Opinion of Indian Talents in WWE Developmental

September 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Credit: YouTube.com

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal spoke with The Times of India while he was touring India last week doing promotional work for WWE’s upcoming tour of India in December, and below are some interview highlights:

On why 3MB was not successful as a faction:

“To be honest, we weren’t focused, that was the problem. If we were focused then as we are now; 3MB would be better than The Shield, I believe so. But it ok, we got a second chance. I am the WWE Champion, Drew is the NXT Champion and we are ready for Slater to beat Brock Lesnar and become the Universal Champion; anything is possible in WWE.”

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On Indian born developmental talents like Kishan Raftaar and Jeet Rama:

“Kishan Raftaar is a good friend. He is very athletic, I definitely see a bright future for him. He is gaining experience right, because WWE is not a sprint, it is marathon. It is long term and right now he is building a solid foundation. I know Jeet Rama and he is very strong. He is the gentle giant. I heard his strength is unbelievable and he is like Indian Brock Lesnar in a way, so I am looking forward to him. And Akam with Rezar is one of the most dominant tag teams in NXT; the Singh brother also, right now they are busy making sure that the Maharaja retains his championships but definitely someday I see them become RAW or SmackDown tag champs. Kavita Devi, the way she represented our culture with the Salwar Kameez, it was very special, kudos to her. I bet you have not seen the last of her fight.”

What he is looking forward to during the WWE India tour:

“The love the India has to offer. My Nani (maternal grandmother) still lives here in Punjab in a small village named Chilla in Hoshiarpur district. That is very special to me and now coming with WWE, I get to experience the WWE universe, the passion of our fans. Our fans here are the most passionate and the number one viewership for WWE comes here from India.”

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