John Cena Returning to Television, Aries & Johnny Resume Feud

July 13, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Where has John Cena been over the past few months? Cena has been
tremendously busy lately as he continue to branch out as an actor. Cena
spent months living in China earlier this year for an upcoming Jackie
Chan film called “Project X.” Lately, he has been experiencing critical
success with the Transformers spinoff movie “Bumblebee,” which
is playing in theaters right now. Unfortunately for wrestling fans,
Cena’s acting talents have caused him to spend a significant amount of
time away from the ring. Cena returned for major shows like WrestleMania
34 in 2018, but he missed out on SummerSlam and Survivor Series this
year. Fortunately, it looks like the wait for Cena’s next WWE appearance
is just about over.
Vince McMahon announced that John Cena will be coming back to
television. It is already well known that Cena is coming back to wrestle at
WWE’s live event in Madison Square Garden this Wednesday. He’s been
confirmed for more live events, but Cena previously said that he
wouldn’t be featured on television. Despite this, McMahon says that Cena
will be on Raw and SmackDown shows once again starting in early 2019. The WWE
Chairman did not say which show the 16-time world champion will make his grand return
on, but he is advertised for the January 7th episode of Raw in Orlando,
Florida. Expect to see Cena on WWE programming again soon as WWE
continues to build towards the Royal Rumble.

ALSO NEXT WEEK: @JohnCena returns to #RAW and #SDLive!
— WWE (@WWE) December 25, 2018
Earlier this year, Johnny Impact and Austin Aries feuded over the Impact Wrestling Championship. What started off as a competitive rivalry between the two Impact Wrestling Superstars quickly turned personal after Aries made comments about both Johnny and his wife, Taya Valkyrie, online. Ever since Johnny won the title and Aries stepped away from Impact during Bound for Glory, the feud has simmered down quite a bit. Aries and Impact have gone back to fighting on Twitter after the latter responded to a tweet posted by Aries yesterday. Taya has gotten involved too, but Impact claims that he was only trying to give Austin “the gift of relevance.” It sounds like the bad blood here is still going strong, so perhaps these wrestlers will face off again at some point in 2019.

I smell like pineapple and like it. Aloha, bitches. #Vegan #TheIslandCollector #2019
— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) December 23, 2018

pineapple boys in #Slamtown ??????
— John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) December 24, 2018

For fucks sake, you’re @IMPACTWRESTLING champ now, I’m gone, yet you can’t stop thinking and yapping about me? I honestly haven’t thought about you or that company since the last time I was asked why my back still hurts so bad. Move on to your new Pursuit John, I have.
— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) December 24, 2018

?????? awwwwww I was trying to give you the gift of relevance ??
Happy Holidays bro
— John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) December 24, 2018

I’m glad you feel the need to comment and be a dick in a pathetic effort of remaining relevant. Yo Austin, Santa Clause called and is wondering when you’re returning to the workshop.
— Wera Loca (@TheTayaValkyrie) December 24, 2018

No NEED sweetheart, simply a RESPONSE because your hubby can’t seem to keep my name out his mouth.
And Relevant? Like the @TMZ spot and the extra million views I got for John and his big @IMPACTWRESTLING title win? Relevancy is shit y’all fame whores worry about, not me.
— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) December 25, 2018

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