Kanye West cries as his muse makes debut at Louis Vuitton

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Rapper Kanye West and his friend and muse
Virgil Abloh cried in each other’s arms Thursday after the US designer made
his Paris debut for Louis Vuitton.

The pair embraced after Abloh — who worked hand in glove with West for
more than 15 years as his creative partner — showed his first menswear
collection for the world’s top luxury brand.

Relations between the pair have been tested since Abloh was headhunted by
Louis Vuitton in March, with the rapper saying it was “hurtful” to lose his
erstwhile artistic director.

But in a touching scene as the show ended on Thursday, Abloh ran down the
catwalk to hug West after taking his bow, with the two later wiping away tears.
West has made no secret of his own ambitions to lead a major luxury brand
as a designer himself.

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Yet the rapper turned up with his wife Kim Kardashian to support Abloh’s
first show in the formal gardens of the Palais Royal in the French capital.
It was the first time the reality television star and fashion icon has
appeared in public in Paris since she was tied up and robbed in a luxury
apartment there in 2016.

Significantly, she also wore a bright blue wrap coat with prominent pockets
by Abloh that echoed several utilitarian pieces in his collection.

Diversity in DNA

Rihanna and rapper ASAP Rocky were also on the front row to applaud the
American’s vision of luxury streetwear for the jetset.

And Abloh — whose parents were immigrants from Ghana — marked the
changing of the guard with a show that stressed the global diversity of his

He dressed his first 18 models — who were black — all in white before
mixing the colour and ethnic palette into a picture of the planet.
Each guest at the show was given a diagram showing his models’ birthplaces
and that of their parents.

In an Instagram post explaining the gesture, he told his 2.3 million
followers that “essential to my show concept is a global view on diversity
linked to the travel DNA of the brand” — which began making trunks and
suitcases 154 years ago.

Abloh also gave guests the first issue of his “Dictionary of Terms”, a
sometimes tongue-in-cheek A to Z manifesto where under K he wrote: “Kanye
West. A mentor and friend to Virgil Abloh.”

Earlier this week he had described the rapper, who designs his own Yeezy
range for Adidas, as “the architect of it all”.

Abloh is only the second black man to rise to the top of a major luxury
brand. He did he so by studying engineering and architecture rather than

Hitting back at his critics, who dismiss the streetwear style he champions
as a fad, he said, “Like some kids today I started the surreal mission without
‘fashion school’ but a blank T-shirt, a screen printed idea for it and a

“As a nod to that” he gave everyone at the show a “T-shirt I made (during)
the early days @louisvuitton once I learned how to use the photocopier in the
office,” he joked.

Van Noten’s retro revamp

In another self-deprecating observation in his dictionary, he defined irony
as “the presence of Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton”.

The designer, however, did not stint on luxury silks and leathers that have
been Vuitton’s trademark down the years.

Tellingly, he drew the line at bling, however, making a point of redefining
jewellery in his dictionary. Instead of “all-that-glitters-is-gold”, he
stressed that the jewellery in his spring-summer collection “appears in
unrarefied metals denoting a contrasting celebration of non-precious

Elsewhere Thursday, Dries van Noten, one of the world’s most admired
designers, proved it was business as usual with a summer show that
demonstrated once again his genius for prints.

His decision to sell the controlling stake in his label to the Spanish
group Puig last week sparked much soul-searching about the death of the
independent designer.

On the catwalk, however, his whole spectrum of beachy looks to suits was a
feast for the eyes, especially a string of gorgeous shiny rain macs and shorts
for summer showers that went from rich orange to red, blue, purple and green
and back again.

Not for nothing is Van Noten called the “King of Prints”. He took a wavy
1970s orange wallpaper pattern that once might have adorned a thousand dim
bedsits and gave it a glorious afterlife lapping across much of the
collection, from double breasted suits to coat linings.(AFP)

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