Kenny Omega Unloads On Hiroshi Tanahashi Calling Him Old and “F**king Embarrassing”

August 11, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

NJPW IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega recently conducted an interview for the New Japan Pro Wrestling website, and below is an interview excerpt.

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IN: Next, I would like to ask about the NJPW US shows. Until now, you have fought twice in Long Beach, at the Walter Pyramid, and four times at the Cow Palace and what’s more, you have been in three main events. Do you think the US fans are developing a certain expectation of the Kenny Omega brand?

KO: The thing is, I know that New Japan at that time, they don’t want to have to use me as their main event star, as their number one of course they don’t, look at the way they pushed Tanahashi. They still call that old f**ker the Ace. He’ll still appear on TV, he has a movie in Japan, it’s embarrassing. Absolutely f**king embarrassing. But they do understand, hey guess what this is a business, we need money and the American fans aren’t stupid. They understand what a good match is. They understand who is able to give the best matches. I’m not here to cash in checks, I’m not here for money, I’m not here to do the classic style and the way wrestling is supposed to be. I’m the greatest f**king showman, I’m the greatest showman in professional wrestling, maybe of all f**king time, so they have no choice but to put me in the main event they don’t give a f**k about me, I know they don’t give a f**k about me as a person, and I know. There was one match where I wasn’t the main event, but I still remember that match I had before, in the semi versus Michael Elgin, that was still the best bout and guess what even if I’m not the main event, I’m still gonna have the best bout because no one here comes close to what I can do.

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