Kevin Nash Interview: Wrestling's Future, Talks With WWE Last Year, Scott Hall

January 24, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Alfonso Castillo of recently conducted a lengthy interview with TNA Wrestling superstar Kevin Nash. Nash spoke about a number of topics, including his recent 50th birthday, the problems he encountered while booking WCW and the company’s demise, TNA vs. WWE, what happens when wrestlers bring their wives around the business and more. Some highlights:

A Recent Talk with HHH & HBK: “We were kind of going through the rosters and saying who are the guys who are going to replace us. Which guys are going to replace us when we retire? And everybody through names around and there weren’t a whole lot of names of guys who we thought were going to replace us. You look at a guy like Edge, and now he’s starting to realize – and, gosh, I don’t even know how old he is but he I think he’s in his 30’s. And he’s getting to the point where he’s had a ton of injuries. John Cena has had a ton of injuries. With these guys, it’s almost [a question of] who can last.”

Negotiating with WWE Last Year: “My whole thing was that I came into prominence with Shawn. And I know that Shawn is thinking about – I don’t think he’s going to be doing it that much longer. And I kind of wanted to have that circle of life. I wanted it on my wall of shame in my house to have that 1993 picture of Shawn Michaels doing a double-bicep pose with the black headed Diesel behind him and then I wanted a 2010 photo of Shawn Michaels doing the double-bicep pose with the gray-haired Diesel behind him … Plus [Vince] said – it knows it sounds so trite – but he wanted me to dye my hair back black. And I didn’t have a problem with that, until I sat down and talked to my girl who used to color my hair and she said, “Kevin, your hair grows so fast that you’d be dying your hair every Monday … It wasn’t a deal breaker. It was just that from the maintenance standpoint.. Then you read your contract.”

Scott Hall’s Problems: “I don’t feel guilty, but I don’t think sad even begins to cover it. Because, to me, Scott Hall is probably one of the most talented guys I’ve ever been around in my life. One of the most charismatic. It crushes me. I’ve tried. Everybody’s tried. But as much as you want somebody to live a sober life, unless they want to, it’s just not going to happen. And I’ve been around it. Scott’s been a close friend of mine. I’ve seen the demon of addiction and, God, it’s just horrible. And people say, ‘Well if you want, you can get clean.’ I’m of the mindset, being around it as much as I have on so many different levels with so many different guys, that it’s a disease. It is absolutely a disease and it has to be treated as a disease. And, you know, some people don’t make it from a disease.”

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