Klopp refuses to accept ‘compromise’ in five subs row

December 18, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Jurgen Klopp has refused to accept that the new rule allowing Premier League clubs to name nine players on the bench is a “compromise”.

The Liverpool boss has been a staunch supporter of five subsitutions rather than three in the Premier League to aid “player welfare”.

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But the clubs voted against the rule change for a third time this week, with a move to allow nine players to sit on the bench seen as a move to placate the likes of Klopp.

“I don’t think it’s a compromise,” Klopp said.

“I don’t want to create headlines – everybody knows my thoughts.

“You have to ask the clubs. 10 clubs voted against it, it was not about advantages, only about player welfare.

“I don’t know what percentage of leagues now have five subs.

“There must be a good reason for it. Every club wants to stay in the league and some want to win the league.

“But here [England] is pretty much the only league to do it differently.

“It’s not me to give an answer. Ask the others and I will try and catch up with all the articles you do about that.”