Koko B. Ware Settles Score with Vince McMahon, Talks Hogan/Big Show, More

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Show: The Piledriver courtesy of Epicenter International (www.WrestlingEpicenter.com)
Guest(s): Koko B. Ware & Jay Idle
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & Chad Perry
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

October 19 through 21 in San Francisco, CA at the legendary Cow Palace, WrestleFanFest2007 changes the world of wrestling fan fests forever. One of the stars appearing at that event, one of over 100, is “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware! And, we had occasion to sit down and talk to the “Birdman” once again. It is always an honor!

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Koko B. Ware

– Koko begins the interview talking about his appearance at the Wrestling Fanfest in October! Koko talks about the historic Cow Palace where the fanfest will be held and how much he loves the venue. He thinks the fanfest will be a lot of fun and he looks forward to seeing the fans.

– He talks about his last run with the WWE. He says he didn’t like having to lose to guys like Rob Conway, but he got to straighten some things out with Vince, and liked making an appearance at the Raw Homecoming. But he also says that he is not interested in making appearances for the WWE again. He respects guys like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and is happy he has a job with them, but can’t understand why they have him lose all the time.

– He had a lot of fun at the Wrestling Legends PPV and his match with Disco Inferno.

– He also enjoyed working the Memphis wrestling show again where Hulk Hogan faced Big Show. He says the crowd was hot and felt it was a hot show.

– He got a new Frankie, which he got from a friend of his in the Navy. He calls him Frankie Jr., and says he looks exactly like the first Frankie.

– When then talk about teaming with Owen Hart to form High Energy, which Koko enjoyed. He says that Owen was a great guy, and says he got along with the entire Hart Family and loved teaming with him.

– Going back to the Memphis show, he felt it was disappointing that Lawler didn’t get to face Hogan considering that Lawler was the major hometown star for Memphis.

– While he was back with the WWE for a short time, he says that he got to iron out something with Vince, and holds no grudge with him.

– Koko plugs the Wrestling Fanfest event one more time, which will be plugged continuously by the Wrestling Epicenter for the next few months!!!

– The Interview ends with a nice surprise as Koko actually sings the Piledriver song!!!

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