Kurt Angle On How Vince Told Him To Fix His Drug Addiction, Steroids, MMA, More

January 30, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

(Thanks to Jonathan Pine)

Kurt Angle appeared yesterday on Opie & Anthony. Here’s a recap:

They talk about the wrestling organization that he is in now, TNA, and his falling out with the WWE . He mentions that he went to Vince for help with his drug addiction and Vince pretty much told him to fix it while he was on the road. He claimed it took about 5-6 months to fully get off the pain pills.

Opie asks Kurt more about what went down with his problem he had with pain pills after one of the five times that Kurt broke his neck. I believe he said that he took upwards to 20+ pills a day. Kurt talks about the addiction that he had to them and says that he won’t take them anymore even if he needs them for something else. Kurt talks briefly about the drug policy that TNA and WWE have. Says that Vince has made it possible for former stars to go to rehab at no cost. Also stresses that BOTH companies need to be around for everyone to succeed, and touches on the number of guys that have gone back and forth between the two companies, mentioning Christian by name.

Opie then asks Kurt about steroids which they talk about for a little while. They talk about MMA and Kurt’s opportunity to get into it – he says that he will get into it but wrestling will remain his top priority. He says that he already has had some MMA training. Kurt talks about the few people from WWE whom he still keeps in touch with. The Rock and Stone Cold are two guys he wishes still stayed in touch, but understand they are busy with other projects and movies.

Opie asks “Primetime” Sam Roberts of NYSWF fame if they covered everything they should with Kurt and Sam asks Kurt about Internet rumors of someone Kurt dated. Kurt tells them about his divorce and kids, and how this is the third time he has split with Karen. They goof around about Mick Foley a little, Jim Norton asks Kurt what he thought about The Wrestler movie he loved it and felt that they took a lot of Jake the Snake and put it into the movie, and they end by goofing about Vince McMahon a little.

They promoted TNA on Thursday nights and the upcoming PPV.

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