L’Agence continues to evolve at New York Fashion Week

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

L’Agence is continuing the evolution of its brand, and this season at New
York Fashion Week they paid homage to Los Angeles, a city seen as a core
part of the company’s DNA. Nude silks and pastel denim reference the
Southern California landscape while statement prints and exaggerated
silhouettes speak to the bold personal style of the Angelino muse.

Denim proportions play a major role in the point-of-view of the collection,
with a not-so-subtle nod to 1970s SoCal free spirits. This season, the
brand was big on the flare leg jeans, which had an old school vintage meets
contemporary feel. It was a new take on staples, as today’s modern woman
wants to move beyond just a workwear style pair of blue jeans or a black
and white pantsuit for work.

L’Agence fuses both Los Angeles and Parisian style for spring/summer

“The L’Agence woman is the embodiment of Los Angeles. She’s effortless,
nonchalant, and very much epitomizes California cool, but with the distinct
confidence and joie de vivre that Parisians are famous for,” said Jeffrey
Rudes, L’Agence CEO, in a statement.

Rudes has proven himself to be a master of that perfectly crafted
silhouette that dances the line between an upscale woman and a comfortable
fit. That’s no easy task, but one he seems to have pulled off effortlessly.
Everything he touches manages to turn to gold. This collection was no

photos: by Jacopo Moschin