Leaked Photos and Videos of WWE’s Wrestlemania 33 set

August 4, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

It looks like WWE’s “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” phrase is more than just a promotional slogan for this year’s WrestleMania.
Rumors have begun circulating online, apparently coming from sources inside Camping World Stadium — the site of this year’s big event — that “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” phrasing may have been by design.
According to reports, WWE has been building a roller coaster that is expected to be a significant part of the stadium set for this year’s “Show of Shows” in Orlando, Florida. It’s said that the rumored roller coaster inclusion as part of the set design is one portion of what is believed to be the biggest and potentially most financially lucrative set in the history of the annual mega-event. The word making the rounds is that the roller coaster is expected to cover an entire side of Camping World Stadium.

As the set construction continues, fans in the Orlando area have been capturing and posting photos and video clips that show “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” slowly coming to life as the WWE production crew works around the clock to finish up the stadium for this Sunday’s big event. Check out some of the photos and clips, courtesy of multiple WWE fans on Twitter, below:

The construction for #Wrestlemania is officially underway! pic.twitter.com/m1B7Plav7w
— Haydn Fox (@TownNation) March 22, 2017


@TownNation here’s an update! The stage is looking pretty big currently! More updates to come. pic.twitter.com/mgTvJtoyWv
— Haydn Fox (@TownNation) March 22, 2017


This was the last time wrestlemania was held at the venue for wrestlemania24 #WWE #WrestleMania pic.twitter.com/4uemCKZSFm
— WWE/NXT (@wweukfanatic) March 2, 2016


WrestleMania promotional material is now up in Orlando! (Via @WredditOfficial) pic.twitter.com/PT2JI1OLN7
— WCW WorldWide (@WCWWorldwide) March 22, 2017


Here is another photo of the wrestlemania stage being built, it looks absolutely massive #WWE #Wrestlemania pic.twitter.com/TEjLEZO0TN
— WWE/NXT (@wweukfanatic) March 25, 2017


Here is an overhead look at the wrestlemania stage under construction looks like the ramp will be coming down from the top of the stage #WWE pic.twitter.com/gu8YCsqqq6
— WWE/NXT (@wweukfanatic) March 26, 2017


WrestleMania 33 stage pic.twitter.com/z72z2QIQde
— Lex (@TheWrestleScoop) March 25, 2017


@JDfromNY206 Looks as if WWE has taken the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” slogan for Wrestlemania 33 literally and are constructing a roller coaster pic.twitter.com/70o4ADRJ1O
— JONNY MARKO007 (@JONNYMAR0071019) March 27, 2017


better view of the wrestlemania stage ???????? pic.twitter.com/128ufULbxN
— Quan Chi Black (@MachoMane_) March 30, 2017


The New pictures from #WrestleMania set…. #RollerCoaster pic.twitter.com/1X88oE2PZm
— Riz (@johncenaAm) March 29, 2017


The #Wrestlemania set is going to be huge. pic.twitter.com/NyTUocsUdf
— ffsseth (@_ffsseth) March 29, 2017