Lucha Underground Results (10/24): New Gift Of The Gods Champion

July 16, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

On last week’s episode, Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, Jake Strong and Dante Fox battled each other for a chance to face each other again next week for The Gift Of The Gods Title, Killshot took on The Mack in a Singles Match and Jake Strong faced Johnny Mundo in the main event.
On this week’s episode, King Cuerno, Dante Fox, Big Bad Steve, Jake Strong, Hernandez, Aerostar and PJ Black faced off against each other in a Seven To Survive Match For The Vacant Gift Of The Gods Title. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s show.
Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes us to the show and says that it is time to get the action started.

Opening Contest/Main Event:
King Cuerno vs. Dante Fox vs. Big Bad Steve vs. Jake Strong vs. Hernandez vs. Aerostar vs. PJ Black (Seven To Survive Match For The Vacant Gift Of The Gods Title): Fox hits a big boot on Jake Strong and then on Hernandez. Black and Cuerno are the only two remaining in the ring as the others scurried outside and attack Fox. Fox hits a double cutter and now, everyone is out of the ring. Fox hits a tope to the other six competitors. Fox brings Hernandez back to the ring, but Hernandez catches him in midair while attempting to do a cross body. Fox fails a sunset flip, but eventually pins Hernandez with a backslide and eliminates him.
Dante Fox Eliminates Hernandez
The other five competitors rush to the ring to attack Fox before moving on to everyone else. Strong gets Fox out of the ring and slams his head to the announce table. Cuerno hits a burning hammer to Aerostar onto the crowd. Aerostar recovers and hits a headscissors to Cuerno. Strong throws Fox to a wooden wall in the stands. Black and Steve are in the ring and Famous B distracts Black. While Black is distracted, Famous B hands Steve a wrench. Steve then hits Black with the wrench in the back. Steve then hits Aerostar with the wrench on the top of his head, then numerous times more. Black gets back up and kicks Steve down low. Strong gets in the ring and Black also kicks him down low. Black hits a moonsault, but Strong kicks out when Black went for a pin. Strong counters another pin into an ankle lock and Black submits.

Jake Strong Eliminates PJ Black
Strong and Steve square off and exchange punches. Cuerno enters the ring dropkicks Strong. Steve then drops Fox with a clothesline. Aerostar enters the ring, but Steve traps Aerostar and Cuerno rips Aerostar’s shirt and hits a big chop to his chest. Steve then hits a pop-up cutter to Aerostar. Cuerno and Steve now have their time to exchange strikes which concludes with a high knee strike from Cuerno to Steve. Cuerno then rips Steve’s shirt and hits another knife-edge chop to Steve’s chest. Cuerno hits an enziguiri to Steve, then both men hit a double clothesline to each other. Drago comes in and brings a forklift into the Temple. Aerostar hops on top of the platform being raised by the forklift and is a good 30 feet from the ground at least. Aerostar hits a massive crossbody to Cuerno and Steve in the middle of the ring. Aerostar crawls to Steve and pins him.
Aerostar Eliminates Big Bad Steve

Strong enters the ring as Aerostar and Cuerno are still writhing from Aerostar’s crossbody. Strong picks up Aerostar and slams him. Strong then hits a forearm to Cuerno’s back followed by a suplex. Strong Irish Whips Cuerno and then hits a powerslam. Strong applies the ankle lock on Cuerno, but Aerostar goes for the save and hits a springboard knee strike to Strong. Aerostar goes to the top rope and falls back to hit Strong. Aerostar goes for the pin, but Strong kicks out at two. Strong throws Aerostar up in the air and Strong applies the ankle lock as Aerostar was coming down. Aerostar quickly taps to the ankle lock.
Jake Strong Eliminates Aerostar
Fox gets back to the ring as Cuerno is out of the ring helping Aerostar to the locker room. Cuerno gets back to the ring as Fox and Strong get back up. Cuerno hits a high knee strike to Fox and then Strong gets Cuerno in an ankle lock again, but Cuerno manages to throw Strong out of the ring. Cuerno also sends Fox to the outside. Cuerno hits a suicide dive to Strong as Fox got out of the way just in time. Fox gets to the top of the second level of the Temple and then hits a senton to both Cuerno and Strong. Fox sends Cuerno to the ring and then hits a 450 splash. Strong takes out Fox of the ring, but Fox gets back in. Cuerno hits Thrill of the Kill to Fox, but Fox manages to kick out. Cuerno then has Fox in a surfboard and then pulls Fox back and uses one of his legs to stretch Fox’s neck. Cuerno gets Fox in the corner and then chops him. Cuerno misses with a knee strike and then Strong hits a Swagger Bomb. Cuerno grabs the rope. Fox gets up and takes down Strong. Fox then drags Strong in the middle of the ring. Strong puts his knees up at the last second of a Swanton Bomb attempt from Fox. Fox superkicks Strong and Cuerno superkicks Fox. All three remaining competitors stand up and exchange strikes. Cuerno and Fox hit a double dropkick to Strong. Fox hits a high boot to Cuerno. Fox then hits a Fox-catcher on Cuerno and pins Cuerno.
Dante Fox Eliminates King Cuerno
Fox dropkicks Strong to the outside, then Fox goes to the outside of the ring and receives a pair of punches from Strong. Fox gets up a hits a basement dropkick to Strong. Both men get up in the ring and Fox hits a superkick to Strong. Fox goes for the pin and Strong kicks out at two. Fox places Strong to the top rope and rushes to Strong, but Strong hits a big boot to Fox. Strong gets Fox into an ankle lock and Fox is fighting to get to the ropes, but Strong pulls him back to the ring. Fox eventually has no choice but to tap and we have a new Gift Of The Gods Champion. Winner & The New Gift Of The Gods Champion: Jake Strong
After the match, Strong further breaks Fox’s ankle as Strong hoists his new title up in the air. Once the credits finish rolling, we see Johnny Mundo training on top of a rooftop and Aerostar appears in front of him to warn him about Matanza Cueto. Aerostar offers his help to Mundo for Ultima Lucha Cuatro, but Mundo refuses. Aerostar then whistles to bring in Drago and Drago has The Gauntlet Of The Gods. Mundo reluctantly puts it on, but says that he feels like a God wearing it. The show ends with Mundo enjoying his newfound power.