Mark Henry Speaks On His Diminished Role In WWE, Reactions To His Fake Retirement

December 6, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE star Mark Henry is currently making the rounds to promote their upcoming video game WWE 2K17. In one recent promotional interview for the game, Henry addressed the issue of his television time being diminished. Henry says that he’s happy in his current role in the company, and seems optimistic about his future there.

“My role is, a lot of times, behind the camera,” Henry said. “We’ll be seeing what happens here in a little bit, I think everybody will be pleasantly surprised.”

As far as retirement goes, he says he hopes to go out with an “honorable death,” but isn’t sure who he would want his final opponent to be. One of the most memorable career highlights for Henry was his fake retirement segment with John Cena in the Summer of 2013. Henry says that angle is so popular that he still hears people referring to fake retirements as “a Mark Henry.”

“I didn’t think it would be to that degree,” Henry said of the reaction to his 2013 fake retirement. “I had professional athletes and wrestlers that I had never met before call, I don’t know how people go my number, but I guess they felt it was safe for that person to call me and say ‘hey man, you had a great career, and an even better jacket.’ I guess the The Big Show was probably the best. He left me a voice message saying that he was gonna kill me, that he was sitting on the couch with his wife crying, and ‘that’s how you do me. You used me and that’s how you use my feeling’ and I was like ‘ahh, my bad’.”

Mark Henry also talks about his favorite wrestlers to come from NXT in the full interview, which you can watch here.

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