Meet the 2019 Bachelor Australia contestants

July 30, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Ahead of the highly-anticipated premier of The Bachelor Australia’s seventh season, which will air on Channel 10 on Wednesday July 31, the 28 bachelorettes vying for Matt Agnew’s heart have been revealed. Will one of them happen to be the woman the 31-year-old astrophysicist from Melbourne is looking for? Prepare to find out. 

From nurses and students, to engineers and fashion designers, the woman that are set to enter the new Bachelor mansion are an interesting bunch. While some have been single for longer than they wish, and others are not looking to settle for the wrong man, all confirm they’re eager to find the love of their life. To meet the 28 contestants set to take your TV screens by storm, scroll on .

Brianna (above), 24, WA

Described by Channel 10 as both social and honest, Brianna, a clerical officer from Western Australia, says her ideal man would be one that shares her sense of humour. Let’s hope Matt Agnew has good banter, because according to her, “that is everything.”

Emma, 32, NSW

Irish-born Emma is looking for a “tall, riven and manly” man who is also a kind, considerate, and spontaneous dog lover with great communication skills. Has she come to the right place? Prepare to find out.  

Vakoo, 23, NSW

This 23-year-old model from NSW is ready to take on the role of big sister in the mansion, meaning bullies best back off. Looking for a man who is “loyal, funny, charming, kind, hardworking, goofy, handsome, ambitious, warm and caring, strong, a good listener, [and] family oriented,” there is no denying Vakoo knows exactly what she wants. 

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Cassandra, 33, SA

Sharing that the reason she’s still single is because “I have a high standard of myself and others and I have been quite focussed on my career,” jewellery designer Cassandra is finally ready to find “the one”.


Elly, 24, NSW

24-year-old Elly, a nurse from NSW, is hoping that if the bachelor has a dog, “that their dog and my dog get along really well.” Does Matt Agnew even have a dog? You’ll have to wait and see.

Danush, 34, VIC

Danush, who admits she’s been rather unlucky in love, hasn’t been in a long-term relationship in six years. From blind dates to dating apps, she’s tried it all, so why not add dating on reality TV to the list? 

Sogand, 30, NSW

Sogand, a civil engineer with a love of family, friends and good food, sees herself married with children in 10 years. “Fingers crossed but no pressure Bachie!” she tells Channel 10. 

Tash, 34, NSW

Comparing her love life to the comedy film 27 Dresses, 34-year-old Tash shares she is “always at the weddings, never the one getting married!” As for what she’s looking for in a man, the sports teacher is after a healthy partner with an outgoing personality and a nice smile.

Sophie, 25, VIC

Sophie’s parents have been together for over 35 years, so the copywriter from Victoria is looking to replicate that kind of commitment with a man who, per Channel 10, “definitely doesn’t have a mullet and loves her for who she is.” Is that so much to ask? We didn’t think so. 

Georgie, 25, VIC

Digital account managers Georgie is hoping that Matt Agnew is not the bossy kind, because “there’s nothing I hate more than being told what to do (outside of the bedroom)” she shared with Channel 10. As for how she plans on winning the bachelor’s heart? “With my massive knockers,” she jokes, before explaining she hopes they share the same sense of humour.

Sam, 29, VIC

As a public servant with a passion for social justice, gender equality and ending world poverty, Sam seems like the perfect candidate to win Matt Agnew’s heart. “I haven’t got a plan at all,” she told Channel 10 when quizzed on how she plans to do so. “I’m just planning on being myself. Hopefully he likes authentic, down-to-earth girls.”

Rachel, 23, NSW

Rachel, a 23-year-old personal trainer who admits she has high standards when it comes to finding a beau, shares she’s the “life of the party” and is the kind of person who likes to stir the pot. We sense trouble brewing. 

Chelsie, 28, VIC

Chelsie, a chemical engineer who enjoys the outdoors, shares her most recent heartbreak hit her rather hard. Looking to bounce back with a love that will go the whole nine yards, she confirms: “It’s not hard to please me with the right company.” Let’s hope Matt Agnew makes the cut. 

Kristen, 25, OLD

Kristen confesses she loves China, and is currently learning to speak Mandarin. Eager to find her dream man and have two daughters, the rather terrible cook, who has previously set her pan on fire while frying an egg, shares she is after a “driven yet humble man who has the ability to light up a room with his presence.”

Julia, 28, NSW

Julia, a children’s entertainer and hopeless romantic, has been single for six years and is ready to settle down with a man who shares her values. “No one is perfect,” she shared when quizzed on who her ideal parter would be. “But someone who loves God and loves me.”

Keely, 27, QLD

Keely has three dream dates that are sure to have the producers of The Bachelor Australia scrambling. “Snowboarding and ending the date curling up by the fire with a tea getting to know the other person,” is the first, and the second is “surfing, maybe some brekky and a nice bush walk.” As for the third? The 27-year-old textiles designer would love “doing something creative like learning traditional dye techniques.”

Mary, 31, VIC

As a chef and a Brazilian mum, Mary knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She also has a rather particular first date rule, if she isn’t kissed within the first 30 minutes, things aren’t looking up for the beau. 

Abbie, 23, QLD

If a potential partner displays any sort of discriminatory behaviour or intentionally litters, Abbie, the 27-year-old property analyst from Queensland, is prepared to kick them to the curb. “I would probably give someone a one time pass, but if it happened twice I couldn’t deal,” she told Channel 10. “It’s one of those red flags that shows me who you are if you have such disregard for the environment.”

Jessie, 30, WA

According to Channel 10, 30-year-old executive PA Jessie “has a sharp tongue and doesn’t suffer fools.” Describing her perfect partner as kind, thoughtful, and positive, the self-confessed adventurer is looking for a man who is “able to hold a conversation and [is] definitely not attached to his phone.”

Isabelle, 29, QLD

This pilates instructor applied for because she “wanted the chance to meet someone new and hopefully amazing.” Does Matt Agnew fit the bill? We can’t wait to find out. 

Tara, 25, VIC

Tara is here to shake up the mansion and she has no qualms with confrontation. The nurse confirms that online dating is not her cup of tea and she’s ready to meet a partner that is as serious about commitment as she is. “I haven’t met anyone I’ve connected with in almost two years,” she told Channel 10. “There’s nothing I want more than to find love again and start that next chapter of my life with that person.”

Renee, 25, NT

Renee is hoping to steer clear of any drama in the mansion, meaning she’s taking to The Bachelor Australia with her eyes focused on the prize. Here’s hoping the motocross lover finds the “smart and handsome go-getter” she’s been looking for on this season of the reality series. 

Nikki, 24, NSW

When Nikki was tasked with describing herself, she made sure to note that she loves snacks and is extremely awkward. Admirably, the 24-year-old student, who said she has a rather manly voice, confirms she doesn’t care about being judged. Why? “Because I am me,” she reasoned. 

Nicole, 25, QLD

Channel 10 confirms that Nicole, a 25-year-old cafe manager with no filter, is “quite the talker and will never back down from an argument.” Lets hope she can manage to steer clear of trouble in the mansion this season. 

Monique, 26, NSW

Described as a tomboy who loves fashion, Monique is a designer with her heart set on “a man who is confident in himself, funny and loving.” She is also the first to admit she tends to go for “tall, tanned and blue-eyed typical beach babes.” Will Matt Agnew make the cut? Tune in to find out. 

Helena, 25, WA

Mauritius-born health coach Helena is not ready to settle when it comes to love. The 25-year-old shared she’s figured out exactly what she’s after in a partner and “I am also very happy within myself, so if it takes a bit more time to meet the one then I’m happy to wait,” she told Channel 10. 

Jessica, 30, VIC

Described as “sarcastic, sexy and a bit sassy”, tattoo-clad Jessica says she’s here to challenge stereotypes and the pre-conceived conclusions that people draw about her based on her looks. “I’m hoping my tattoos make me stand out and my personality takes me to the end,” she told Channel 10.

Hannah, 25, VIC

Hannah, a 25-year-old digital account manager from Victoria, is hoping this season’s bachelor is the man she’s been waiting for – just as the other 26 contestants are. Unfortunately, only one woman will win Matt Agnew’s heart. 

Watch this space as the first episode of The Bachelor Australia airs on Channel 10 on Wednesday July 31, at 7.30pm.