Meet the jewellery designer behind Meghan Markle’s famous ‘A’ necklace

July 10, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns


10th Jul 2019

The “Meghan Markle effect” is alive and well according to Sydney-based British-born jeweller, Emma Swann. When the duchess took time out from maternity leave to enjoy a day out at Wimbledon supporting tennis champion, Serena Williams, wearing a new necklace with the letter ‘A’ (for Markle’s son Archie) on it, Swann, the jeweller behind the necklace, says their website crashed with the increase in traffic from Markle fans keen to own their own lettered necklace just like the royal.

“I’ve had so many orders my website crashed twice! My poor IT guy, it’s keeping him on his toes. Most of the orders over the last few days have come from the US and Europe — lots from London, Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland,” the jeweller shared with Vogue over email.

Swann from Verse Fine Jewellery, is no stranger to high profile clients and celebrities wearing her creations. The jeweller, who trained at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins, says she has created many pieces for A-listers including Australian actress Kate Ritchie, fashion designer Alexa Chung and a number of Victoria’s Secret models including Georgia Fowler and Victoria Lee. 

“I’ve made pieces for lots of other high profile people, but am not allowed to mention them all so I have to respect their privacy. Clients I can mention include Kate Ritchie, Alexa Chung, models Victoria Lee, Elise Taylor, Anja Konstantinova, and Georgia Fowler,” Swann revealed.

However, even with a big celebrity fan base, with the fashion power and influence that Markle has, the duchess wearing the jeweller’s Love Letters necklace is sure to elevate her brand to new levels of global recognition. The founder of Australian sustainable denim label, Outland Denim, has said that after Markle wore Outland Denim jeans for the first time when she was on the 2018 royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji, their brand history is now defined by that moment, as either “before Meghan” or “after Meghan”. Undoubtedly, Swann might find the same happens for Verse Fine Jewellery.

Since Markle first stepped onto the official public radar as Prince Harry’s plus one in 2017, the former actress has consistently made choices with both her fashion and jewellery that reflect a thoughtfulness and consideration for what she wears and the significance behind each piece. This is especially true for each piece of jewellery she has worn. Many of her pieces have been incredibly meaningful gifts from Prince Harry, so naturally, the origin of this latest special piece required investigating.

Many royal fans assumed Prince Harry had the ‘A’ necklace commissioned for Markle but Swann says it was actually a gift from Swann herself. “I chose to gift her [Markle] an ‘A’ Love Letters necklace to celebrate her son’s birth. Archie is such a cool name, and so modern for the royal family. I sent it to her in London. The royals get inundated with gifts, so it’s a real honour when they like your designs enough to wear them. I thought that was fitting for the duchess, a new mum in love with her son.”

Verse Fine Jewellery Love Letters necklace 'A'. Image credit: supplied

For Markle fans who have fallen in love with her new ‘A’ necklace, the good news is you can order one of Swann’s Love Letters necklaces for yourself at a cost of $590. But you might just have to wait as each piece is “bespoke” and there’s sure to be a backlog of orders after Markle’s debut in the piece at Wimbledon. Swann said her Love Letters necklaces are “18 carat solid gold, which is high-end, so it lasts,” and hand makes them in her Sydney workshop. 

The jeweller also added that she films the making of each piece for clients, making the experience even more unique. No confirmation on whether Markle has seen the making of her ‘A’ necklace, but it seems like the type of thing the duchess might watch with Archie when he’s older. 

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