Melina's Latest Rant, Candice Michelle's Collarbone Injury, WWE Stars Doing OVW

February 4, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— Melina rants again on, which you can see at this link. This time she harps on the babyface Divas throwing Mickie James a party and congratulating her for her title win when they should be fighting for the belt themselves. Melina wrote: “One year later, bravo to Mickie James for regaining the championship. A win is a win. I give it to her. But my anger is not at her championship win. I’m upset because I feel that these girls who gave Mickie the party do not take wrestling and what we do seriously. I am still in awe that these girls threw a little party to celebrate Mickie’s championship win. They just did it for attention! Come on people!!!! So they can get dressed up and prance around. Don’t any of these women want the championship?” She also adds: “Why become a wrestler if you aren’t going to compete to be the best you can? I enter that ring to fight for myself. Fight for what I believe in. I believe in this art form that I have trained and studied to be the best I can in. Listen to me carefully. If you are not wrestling to be the Women’s Champion, then you shouldn’t step foot in a ring. YOU SHOULDN’T BE WRESTLING! You should do hair or whatever Santino Marella said, “Be in the kitchen making spaghetti.”

— Regarding Candice Michelle’s re-aggravated collarbone injury, which has her on the sidelines again, Lewis from Tucson wrote the following: “Just for your info, I’m on my second collar bone surgery. I think I’ve told you this story before (thus why I’m on pain killers), but I walked around with a broken compressed collar bone for 3 years, got it fixed, and almost 4 months later to the date the plate broke and I had to get two plates put in and the broken one removed. Candice is done. I’d put money on it. She may try again but I’m gonna bet you she’s done. These things can snap so easily and get infected so easily. In fact I’m on antibiotics again right now and my surgery was on February 4th”.

— A number of WWE stars are booked to appear at Ohio Valley Wrestling Six Flags shows in the upcoming months. WWE told OVW they could continue to use WWE wrestlers after the developmental split went down in February, but they must take care of the expenses. Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke, Jerry Lawler, Mr. Kennedy, CM Punk, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shelton Benjamin, Kenny Dykstra, John Cena and Mick Foley are scheduled to make appearances at Six Flags in the ensuing months. Visit the appearances section at for more information.

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