Modefabriek #45 highlight: NORTH HALL – where cool hits the forward button

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

NORTH HALL at Modefabriek has grown to become a true community; a self-contained fashion world driven forwards by a vanguard of innovators and influencers, and everything that the new generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and consumers think is ‘cool’. Here, ambition is synonymous with optimism. In NORTH HALL, you can see the latest trends as they are created right before your eyes, you can meet the ‘cool kids’ who are turning fashion retail on its head, and you can find both successful start-ups and heritage brands adding new chapters to their glorious histories. If you want to learn the latest digital tips & tricks, or if you are just becoming acquainted with the field, then you’re in luck, because Modefabriek has opened EXPERT in the NORTH HALL. New this summer: direct access to your favourite hall via the NORTH ENTRANCE!


The central strip of NORTH HALL begins with an enormous, 20-meter-long table that – á la Alice in Wonderland – serves as both a catwalk for the fashion parade as well as a kitchen table for the Work It! workshops by HTNK. The fashion parade introduces a new generation of fashion designers, while HTNK coaches fresh talent for the fashion industry. The ‘table’ is therefore a bit of a diving board as well… to the HTNK Curated Store, the ideal place to shop and spot new brands.

You’ve probably also already noticed the special role mirrors play in the Modefabriek interior design this summer. No need to ask the mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all, because you’re looking right at them!

The central strip of NORTH HALL ends at the Screenshop, the futuristic interactive pop-up shopping experience with a green screen, trampoline, and video set-up that transports you into a digital universe. Stop by for the video experience, but stay to spot and buy many designers labels, including Bas Kosters, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Iris van Herpen, Matt & Nat, Weber & Van Rijn, Post Couture Collective and many others. This summer’s theme is ‘Oversized’, so the ‘screen jump’ is extra cool this year.


In the middle of NORTH HALL, the community’s most fashion-forward brands (M/F/X) are highlighted in a specially designed platform full of activities, including denim lasering and live painting sessions on denim jackets by Champion, K-Way, Rains, Napapijri The Tribe and the Japanese Harvest Label. All of the brands one comes across in the hall are ‘happening’ for the specific NORTH HALL demographic: WEARECPH, MSCH Copenhagen and Gestuz from Copenhagen, Tutu Chic from Belgium, the Italian Pyrex Clothing, and Another Label from the Netherlands, which is introducing its first menswear collection this season. Discover new shoe brands like Freedom Moses, or shoe brands launching new apparel like K-Swiss Classics and a similar move by heritage handbag brand Herschell.


Before leaving NORTH HALL to enter the rest of Modefabriek via the ‘Connecting Hall’, take a moment to check out one of the EXPERTS in online business located there. EXPERT TIM RÖLING from online marketing bureau Daily Syrup, for example, is on hand to share his valuable know-how about visual identity and how it comes across on the Internet. Free expert advice – what’s not to love!

As you enter the Connecting Hall, there’s no getting around MF TALKS. Anytime is a good time to listen to a lecture, but take a moment to check out the schedule, because it features names you probably won’t want to miss. For example, the Talk with influencer Lizzy van de Ligt on her successful practice as a vlogger and blogger, her own clothing line Le Café Noir (available in the pop-up shop in WEST HALL), and her collaboration with Superga.

Dutch TV host Geraldine Kemper is also on the programme with an interview about her new brand Oscar&Jane, available in NORTH HALL. Pernille Kok-Jensen is perhaps less of a household name, but she knows everything there is to know about the Future of Retail. As a ‘Trends & Sparks Officer’ at research bureau Mare in Amsterdam, she knows exactly which innovations shops are on the verge of embracing in order to make contact with the public. Everything revolves around ‘immersive experiences’, which includes a touch of theatre. She will explain it all in her high-energy and visually appealing presentation.  

See the full MF TALKS programme at:

Modefabriek #45 takes place 8 – 9 july 2018 in Amsterdam RAI.

Images are courtesy of RVDA and ©Presstigieux.