Money Pours In for Sanders's New Medicare for All Digital Campaign

September 27, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is launching a campaign Wednesday to promote his planned Medicare for All legislation, engaging directly with voters across the nation.

The senator is asking supporters to sign on to the proposal as “citizen co-sponsors” via a digital ad campaign. In an article by the Guardian, Sanders’s team described the operation as an effort to dispel myths about government-run healthcare, which is offered to the general populations of almost every western country and number of developing nations.

“Bottom line is: if other countries around the world are providing quality care to all their people, we can do the same,” Sanders told NPR on Tuesday. “The American people are familiar with Medicare. By and large it’s quite a popular program. But it starts now when you are 65 years of age…It should be available for every single person in this country.”

A longtime proponent of Medicare for All, Sanders has laid out his plan for the system on his website, noting that it would be paid for with taxes on capital gains, dividends and estates of the wealthiest Americans, as well as with savings that would be gained by eliminating healthcare tax expenditures.

“We outspend all other countries on the planet and our medical spending continues to grow faster than the rate of inflation,” Sanders’s website says. “Creating a single, public insurance system will go a long way towards getting healthcare spending under control.”