More On Congress Ripping Vince McMahon, New "Stone Cold" Shark Boy T-Shirt

February 5, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns


— TNA wrestler Shark Boy’s ongoing parody of the “Stone Cold” gimmick has now crossed over into the world of merchandise. TNA is now selling a t-shirt for “Stone Cold” Shark Boy that is very similar to WWE’s classic “Austin 3:16” shirt. The t-shirt is black with “Shark Boy 24:7” on the front and a smoking Shark’s mouth on the back. You can check that out here. It’s available for purchase at

— Earlier this week, Congressman Bobby Rush of the Members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce had some very harsh words for Vince McMahon for failing to appear at a hearing regarding drug use in professional sports. One of the reasons Rush went off on McMahon is that the Congressman had prepared a lot of tough questions for Vince and intended to spend a lot of time grilling the WWE Chairman. While Vince did have a legitimate excuse as to why he didn’t attend (his trusted lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, was unavailable to appear due to another case he is working on), there is some belief that Vince did not want to be grouped in with the other figureheads from the NFL, MLB and NBA. McMahon has done a lot over the years to distance himself from professional sports, including branding his product “sports entertainment.

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