More On Sting's Myster Partner, Major Star Returning On iMPACT! Next Week

February 7, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Source: PWInsider

We’ve got 2 big pieces of news coming out of tonight’s TNA iMPACT! tapings from Orlando, Florida.

Warning: The news below contains *SPOILERS* for this week’s iMPACT!:

– TNA World Champion Kurt Angle opens the show this Thursday night on iMPACT! Angle comes down to the ring and says he wants to know who Sting’s mystery partner will be at TNA Genesis. Sting comes down and gives a new clue about his partner’s identity. Sting says the man is a former WWE & WCW Champion and he hates Kurt Angle. That clue eliminates Rob Van Dam, who was never the WCW Champion. The two most likely stars to be Sting’s partner are Booker T or the Big Show. Both men are free agents and have held both the WWE & WCW titles.

– Later in the show, Kevin Nash tells Kurt Angle that he knows who Sting’s partner will be and he’ll be there next week – Scott Hall. Hall was never WWE or WCW champion but he will be at TNA iMPACT! on 11/8.

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