Nash Calls WWE "A Miserable Existence," Spirit Squad Member Interviewed, More

February 4, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— There’s an interview with WWE developmental wrestler & former Spirit Squad member Nic “Nicky” Nemeth at this link. He said WWE requires most of the wrestlers to wear protective gear. “That’s why they make us wear gear to protect ourselves. Knee caps, elbow cabs, and everything else. Guards and stuff, it can be dangerous if you don’t have those things on, and it is required by the WWE as well. Well except a few wrestlers, but most need and are required to.”

— WWE developmental wrestler Atlas DaBone has recovered from his torn knee ligament injury, which occurred at a Raw brand house show in early January. He finally debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling last week and is regularly working shows now.

— In an interview published today in the Daytona News-Journal, which you can read at this link, TNA wrestler Kevin Nash was asked to compare the differences in working for TNA and WWE. “It’s a miserable existence,” Nash said of life in World Wrestling Entertainment. Nash then gives props to TNA president Dixie Carter. “Dixie Carter and the people that run the company have a different philosophy. It’s also just the working environment — there’s a lot less pressure. Our boss cares about the guys. She wants us to be healthy. And she feels if it evens the playing field, than nobody has an advantage and guys will live longer.”

See pics of TNA president Dixie Carter at this link