Off-Air Notes: What You Didn't See Last Night On WWE RAW

February 7, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Thanks to reader Jeff Wurtz for sending these in:

Heat taping

Jim Duggan beat OVW’s Atlas Debone

Super Crazy beat OVW’s Charles Evans. Before the match Evans did a promo that no one cared about Snitsky beat Carlito

Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes beat The Highlanders and London and Kendrick in a horrible match

There was WGTT match in here at one point against two jobbers not sure where it was though. Sorry.

During Heat and a little bit throughout Raw Ron Simmons was walking through the audience and drew a huge crowd I got a picture with him and an autograph. Truly great guy


Biggest pop all night went ‘Taker. Not sure how it came off on TV but everyone was shocked that to see two SD guys were there. Especially the two biggest names.

Triple threat Tag : Jeff Hardy got a huge pop. Seems the crowd loves Hardy and Vince really tries to put him over in Topeka. (Won the IC title the last time they were in town)

Beth Phoenix vs. Maria: Not much to say about this one. Basically the bathroom and merchandise break of the show.

6 Diva Match: Extended bathroom break. With 6 men in one match and 6 women in another it seemed like they wanted to put everyone on the show.

Lawler vs. Santino: Santino had the biggest heat of the night. The guy can not cut a promo and he may be even worse in the ring. King got a huge ovation. Once again it seemed like they ran the same show as the last time Raw was there. Bringing in a legend. (Last time Sgt. Slaughter beat the Spirit Squad)

Main Event: Crowd was hoping for solo entrances because everyone wanted to see Kane’s entrance. Good match enjoyed by all. Crowd was mad that it wasn’t Kennedy as advertised.

No post show dark match because Umaga was hurt it was supposed to be DX vs. Orton/Umaga. They threw up the X so it seemed to be extremely legit but I wasn’t close enough to see what he hurt. After he was taken to the back the faces all posed for awhile. Funny story of the night as they all left one by one Kane was trying to set off his ring pyro and it didn’t go off. The pyro and lights guys must have packed up early. He seemed truly mad by this.


Ok the Raw pyro is the loudest thing I have ever heard.

Here’s how they ranked in terms of pyro sound

1. Jeff Hardy
2. Batista
3. Shawn Michaels

Biggest Pop:

1. Undertaker
2. Batista
3. HHH

Most Heel Heat

1. Orton
2. Umaga
3. MVP

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