Patrick Church debuts collection at TOTH Gallery

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Patrick Church has seen a meteoric rise over the past year. From being
profiled by top publications like Vogue and Out Magazine, to getting his
pieces picked up by Opening Ceremony, the young artist’s star continues to
shine. For New York Fashion Week, the British-born designer took over TOTH
Gallery to debut his first full collection stateside.

Titled “Drive Thru”, this new exhibition encompassed both fashion pieces
and paintings, and was centered around a fascination with American
consumerism. The fashion pieces were different from Church’s past work as
he moved away from his traditional medium of hand painted works and had
manufacturers print his repetitive imagery onto garments. “It was very
different, I wasn’t so limited on what I surface I could work onto so I was
able to explore using different fabrics and silhouettes which I found
really exciting,” Church said to FashionUnited.

British designer Patrick Church shows collection at TOTH Gallery

Going from hand painting to production was “really, really exciting,”
Church said to Fashion United. “It was something I was initially skeptical
about, but I am so happy we did it, and I’m so proud of how everything
looks. It feels like an organic natural progression.”

Brand growth has become a focus for Church as he continues to work on more
collaborations, and is working on getting more retail partners, hence the
pivot to more production. However, he never wants to have his collection
too mass produced, as he feels every piece should still be limited and

This season, he also cast older women to showcase his collection to show
that his clothes are for everybody from young to old. It wasn’t something
he intended to make a statement about either, but rather “It happened
organically,” he told FashionUnited.

Despite his growing success in the fashion industry, Church also stresses
he is still very much an artist. Clothes just happen to be his medium for
his talent. What a happy medium he has found this season.

photos: Chelsy Mitchell