Paul Heyman On His Relationship With Stephanie, TNA vs. WWE, ROH & Gabe, More

February 5, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former WWE personality Paul Heyman did another interview with The Sun out of the United Kingdom to help promote the upcoming “Heyman Hustle” feature on the website. Below are some of the highlights from the most recent interview:

Regarding reports that he had beef with Stephanie McMahon: They weren’t rumours, Stephanie and I clashed heavily through most of my tenure in WWE. And I don’t think it should be a surprise that we did. I came into WWE just as Stephanie was taking over the writing team. Stephanie is a lot like her father. Even those closest to her would refer to her as The Vincess. And they said it in a manner that cannot be mistaken — they mean it as the ultimate compliment.

On whether or not he still watches WWE: Of course I still watch it. I’m still a big fan and I still appreciate the art form. I still get goosebumps seeing the live reaction when it hits. I never lost a love for the business, it’s just that my time in it is up.

Could TNA ever challenge WWE?: I think TNA has a major hurdle to overcome — and that’s the fact that they have no BRAND. There’s no one on that roster that is branded TNA. You look at Kurt Angle and you think WWE. You look at Booker T and think WCW, five-time, five-time, five-time or King Booker in WWE. You look at The Dudleys and think ECW or WWE or even tables. You look at Samoa Joe, who should be the TNA guy, and you think this guy’s great, when’s he going to WWE. Are there hot moments? Sure. Are there personalities to like? Sure. Is there a good work rate? Sure. But there is no TNA style, TNA persona or TNA brand.

What he thinks of ROH & booker Gabe Sapolsky: I am very proud of Gabe. He has learned from all of the strengths of ECW and also our weaknesses. He’s developed a niche audience that is loyal to the Ring Of Honor product. With no resources, Gabe has branded Ring Of Honor far better than the multi-multi-million dollar TNA product. When you see Ring Of Honor you know what you are watching. When you see a certain style you know it’s the ROH style. On Ring Of Honor’s worst day he still delivers more bang for your buck than most people do on their best.

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