Paul Heyman Reportedly Involved In The Goldberg-Roman Reigns Storyline

July 9, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The match between Goldberg and Roman Reigns has now been made official for WWE WrestleMania 36, and Paul Heyman is reportedly involved in things.

Despite the fact that Paul Heyman actually works on the WWE Raw brand, he is going to be involved in putting things together for this storyline, according to a report by WrestleVotes.

The reason for this is because Heyman has a very strong relationship with both men, particularly Goldberg. He has previously been involved in Goldberg’s storylines in the past.

Although the match is on the SmackDown side of the card, Paul Heyman will have some influence on the build & storyline for the Goldberg vs Roman Reigns Universal Title matchup at WrestleMania. Heyman shares very strong relationships with both, especially Goldberg.

— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) February 29, 2020

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