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Project Big Picture

Forgetting the merits or otherwise of the Liverpool proposal, the thing that really annoys me about this is the part of the statement from the PL and FA where they say they “welcome a wide ranging discussion on the future of the game”. Why are they not leading this discussion, why has it taken some clubs to be the first to table a proposal?

If you think about, imagine how different the headlines would be today if the FA or PL had published exactly the same proposal but retained the 20 clubs and the power/voting system currently in the PL. In one deal they would have solved the EFL crisis, provided more money to grassroots clubs through the FA and put a structure in for a fairer distribution of wealth for the future of the game in this country.

I can understand the PL not being the first to table proposals, they are in the box seats at the moment but what on earth is the FA doing apart from sweet FA. I have a foot in both camps, I support the team tabling these proposals but I also watch grassroots/lower league football and I am seeing these clubs falling apart. I live near Bury and I work in Macclesfield (hope it’s nothing to do with me) and have friends who are distraught by recent events.

The proposal is clearly a power grab but let’s pick all the good parts out of it, get the FA to propose a revised version and let’s pray that 14 clubs in the PL see sense and vote it through. Let’s see this for what it could be, an opportunity to make a real difference not another Johnny Nic blow, igniting moral outrage.

So here is my revised version of the proposal:

  • £250 million immediately to the EFL to compensate its clubs for lost matchday revenue, deducted from future television revenue earnings and financed by a loan taken out by the Premier League.
  • £100 million one-off gift to the FA to cover its coronavirus losses, the non-league game, the women’s game, the grassroots.
  • 8.5 per cent of annual net Premier League revenue to go on operating costs and “good causes” including the FA.
  • From the remainder, 25 per cent of all combined Premier League and Football League revenues to go to the EFL clubs.
  • Six per cent of Premier League gross revenues to pay for stadium improvements across the top four divisions, calculated at £100 per seat.
  • The abolition of the League Cup and the Community Shield.
  • 24 clubs each in the Championship, League One and League Two reducing the professional game overall from 92 clubs to 90.
  • Two sides automatically relegated from the Premier League every season and the top two Championship teams promoted. The 16th place Premier League club in a play-off tournament with the Championship’s third, fourth and fifth placed teams.
  • Financial fair play regulations in line with Uefa, and full access for Premier League executive to club accounts.
  • A fan charter including capping of away tickets at £20, away travel subsidised, a focus on a return to safe standing, a minimum away allocation of eight per cent capacity. And a cap on home tickets/season tickets.
  • Huge changes to loan system allowing clubs to have 15 players out on loan domestically at any one time and up to four at a single club in England.

I can see some clubs in PL not being that happy with a slight reduction in income and obviously the top six may not like it but I doubt any real supporters out there would be against this and all they need is to get the 14 votes. The thing that those 14 clubs need to think about is the direction of travel, they need to agree this or sooner or later the original proposal will get approved so see this as the lesser evil.

Be one of the 14!

Graham Kirk (yeah I copied and pasted most of it)

Liverpool, Man Utd drive Project Big Picture to assert control

This means more?

After the revelations of Project Big Picture I look forward to the Liverpool fans talking about how their club is for the people and more than a club

They just did you guys, they couldn’t give a crap about any of you

But you won the Prem so i’m sure you’ll forgive them



…So basically this plan has been drawn up by greedy American corporations to secure their own power, to frighten off other global corporations and to maintain their share of the football revenue. (OK there is some altruism but lets be clear this is all about the self interest of Liverpool FC and the like…)

When the PL was created with Sky money back in 1992 this is the final logical outcome, football has truly been taken over by globalisation and corporatism. These corporations don’t give a shit about the fan’s bond with their teams, it’s only customers they want. Keep paying your subscriptions and buying the overpriced tat in the club shop…

F**k that, I’m off to watch Rustington FC (Southern Combination League Two if you need to ask).



…You have to laugh at Man City and Chelsea being part of the big six. At the start of the Premier League they were nowhere near it and still wouldn’t be if they hadn’t been bankrolled. Anyway, City will probably vote against it seeing as Fraudiola would be a total flop without the Carabao Cup.

Seán (season to be cancelled by Christmas. I can feel it) Dublin


Sense of Community?

What did the community shield ever do to liverpool and utd?

TGWolf(bit baffled honestly)THFC


Three points

Some random thoughts from the weekend.

Project Big Picture. I read this yesterday in disbelief but then asked myself why I’m even surprised. I note the positive spin these ‘rebel’ clubs are putting on the money to the EFL but, as we all know only too well, there is no such thing as a free lunch. So, what are they going to want in return for this money? Why a £100 million ‘gift’ to the FA? What will that buy the rebels? What existing PL rules are the top six looking to cancel or amend? What advantage do they gain by reducing the PL to 18 clubs? Is it purely less fixtures? On which note, I actually agree that clubs in either European competitions should not be allowed to compete in the League Cup and the winner should be awarded a Europa League spot. I’m looking forward to more incisive and forensic analysis of this ‘power-grab’ by fellow mail boxers.

Watched the England game yesterday despite my fear Lukaku was going to get a hat-trick. Not bad in the end but KDB (sorry Eoin!) had a quiet game by his standards and I saw nothing to change the England-quite-good-in-qualifying-but-utter-shite-when-we-arrive-at-the-actual-finals narrative.

In the comments section of Sunday’s mailbox, Graham Kirk queried whether the next round of televised games will see the ‘big’ matches available only on Sky or BT box office rather than via either providers existing subscription service and see the ‘lesser’ games, instead, being screened. I think that’s a great shout. I wonder if, in a Covid-19 world, charging £15 by PPV for the ‘sexier’ games would be more profitable than the current monthly fees both companies charge? Either way, and if this does happen then, personally, it’ll be bye-bye Sky and BT Sports packages and hello Radio 5L and MoTD. And save a few bob in the process.

Mark (Just when you thought supporters of the ‘top 6’ clubs couldn’t be more hated. Sheesh). MCFC

Rating the players: England 2-1 Belgium

Eric on the spot

If Granit Xhaka is a walking yellow card does that make Eric Dier a walking penalty?

Gaz, CFC, Sidcup (bored of the International break already)


Bielsa for England

Imagine if Bielsa was the England manager.

G Thomas, Breda


DVDB over AWB at RB

Have you seen AWB defend a back post cross? That’s why he can’t shouldn’t play CB.

But why not try out Donny VDB there?

Thomas (just because it works on Fifa20…) Korea


Classics of the genre

Best lookalike ever was Sam the Eagle (The Muppets) and Mick McCarthy (muppet).

Martin (love brackets me) Ansell


…Scratch that actually, I completely forgot about Sam Allardyce and Boss Nass.

Martin (forgetful) Ansell

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