RAW Report 6/16/08 Salt Lake City

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RAW this week starts with Cena coming out. He stands behind the clear money box on the stage for a moment, salutes and runs to the ring. He grabs a mic and has to wait for the pop to dissipate before he can start speaking. “Cena” chants. They are HOT for him tonight. He says he thinks we all know, he’s been open about loving WWE. He thins it provides the best entertainment money can buy. But once in every great while it provides moments that transcend time. Moments passed down from father to son. Think back to when Hogan picked up Andre. When HBK finally won the title. He can guarantee that everyone in the building remember where they were the first time they saw Austin kick someone’s ass. The seats are filled for the money, but also for the moment. They’re waiting for two weeks from now when his arm is raised and the he says…
HHH’s music cuts him off. He comes out to the ring in wrestling gear with his strap over his shoulder. HHH enters the ring and they glare at each other. HHH says Cena’s right, it will be a moment no one will forget. He’s been trying to tell himself for the past couple weeks that this is not personal. Last week Cena cost HHH a match with Jeff Hardy. He’s giving Cena the benefit of the doubt and a warning. There won’t be a twice. Cena gets involved in his business and it will get personal real fast.
Cena says what’s good for the flock is good for the champ. HHH knocked Cena on his ass.
HHH told him no one told him to be a prima donna and showboat. He’s been in the ring with Cena and he’s so uncoordinated he’s most likely fallen off the table by himself before.
Cena says two years ago Cena made him tap.
They go back and forth – yelling.
Cena says HHH is on his high horse. HHH might have the strap, but until he beats Cena, he’s nothing.
HHH says it’s going to be a long hard night that night because he knows how Cena hates to let his fans down. But not many fans will get to see it as it’s past their bedtimes anyway. But maybe they can get a kid with his little foam belt and let Cena walk around the ring with it so he can feel better.
Cena takes off his hat and shirt. He throws down his mic. HHH does the same.
Vince comes out and tells them they’re not going at it tonight. The fans don’t like this. He’s in a generous mood. He’s giving away a million dollars tonight. He tells people to log on and be read with the password – WATCH RAW & WIN. He asks if Cena will win his match tonight. His match is now against Umaga and it’s a street fight. Cena looks pissed.
HHH smirks, tells Cena good luck and not to get hurt.

Umaga’s music and he comes out to the ring while HHH exists the ring. They pass on the ramp.
Cena attacks Umaga as he enters the ring, but is quickly slammed down. Umaga telegraphs and Cena goes for a sunset flip but can’t finish. He moves before Umaga punches him. Cena picks Umaga up and falls back. Umaga covers for two. Cena gets sent out on the apron. Umaga slams into Cena sending him flying too land on the barrier.

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Umaga beats Cena up the ramp. Umaga tries to bounce Cena’s head off the metal barrier. Cena stops him and slam his head into it. Umaga then hits a Samoan slam on the stage. Umaga drags Cena to the ring corner. He leans him, outside, against the ring post. Umaga goes for a bum slam, but Cena moves. Cena then slams Umaga back first into the apron. In the ring Cena slams Umaga in the head with a mic. Cena climbs and flies, but Umaga catches him and hits a sidewalk slam.
Umaga covers Cena for two. They exchange blows int eh center of the ring. Cena is whipped but get his foot up. Cena then gets slammed down in the center of the ring. Umaga rolls from the ring and start to rip apart the announce table, but then takes a chair and tosses it in the ring. Cena grabs the chair and moves it out fo the way. Cena slams him down, climbs and flies slamming him again.
Cena tries to get Umaga up for the FU but can’t keep him up and crumbles. Umaga leaves the ring, Cena rolls out. Umaga slams Cena into the stairs. Umaga rolls Cena into the ring, follows and covers for two. Dueling “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. Umaga goes outside and tosses part of the stairs in the ring. He enters and raises them high above his head. Cena grabs Umaga who drops the stairs. Cena manages the FU and covers for three.

– Winner: Cena

Cena staggers from the ring and up the ramp. Video of the finishing move. Cena celebrates on the stage before going out back.

Vince has a name and is giving away $125,000 on this call. He dials the number but screws up. He has to dial again and blames it on the flooding. A man answers, Keith (?). He goes crazy when he finds out it’s Vince. He has the password and wins. Vince asks him his favorite animal. He says it’s a dog. Vince makes him bark like a dog. He does it for Vince!

Vince announces the Summer Bikini Beach Blowout. Maria comes out, then Eve. They’re in satin robes.

– Commercial

There’s a bunch of Divas in the ring, as is Charlie Haas. Video of Haas kissing Divas last week. He had to kiss Mae Young last week. Haas glares at the screen and says that’s not entertaining, but this is. He’s the host of the bikini contest. The Divas model and the fans judge.
Melina is in a black string bikini. Maryse is in a sparkly black string bikini. Lena is in a white string bikini. Leyla is in a black and gold string bikini. Jillian grabs the mic and says she didn’t come tonight to model her bikini, she came her to sing. Haas takes the mic after she starts singing. Eve is in a red and white striped top with blue bottoms. Maria is in shiny black and baby blue.
Maria gets the biggest pop, by FAR. She wins, big shocker.

Vince is dialing again to give away $100,000. Mike answers. He’s very polite. He has the password and wins. He comments about Mike being in NC. Vince asks who the most handsome man to be born in NC. Mike answers Flair. Vince isn’t happy, but still gives him the money.

– Commercial

Y2J is out back talking to someone. Video of the Highlight Reel last week when they discussed HBK’s knee injury or lack thereof. They fought and Y2J gained the upper hand. Y2J beat down HBK and bounced his face off the jeritron 3000 after a low blow.

JR and King talk about the Highlight Reel. They talk about HBK’s eyesight and they will talk to Y2J later about it.

Vince is making another call, this one with Hacksaw. Hacksaw comes out in a tux! His 2X4 has on a shirt, tie and cummerbund. Vince says hacksaw cleans up well. If Ron was there he’d say… DANM!
Hacksaw dials the number. They get their first machine! Vince is loving this. He talks to the machine, telling the guy he doesn’t win $50,000. Gabe brings out another phone number. Hacksaw dials again. DX music comes up and Jesse answers. He’s all excited when he learns it’s Vince. He has the password and wins $50,000. He goes crazy and tries to get the fans to yell ‘suck it’, but then gives a good Hacksaw impression.

Jeff Hardy’s music and he comes out to the ring. Video of Jeff flying out over the top last week to take down both HHH and Cena.

– Commercial

Carlito comes out to face Jeff.
They lock up and Jeff is backed into a corner. Carlito doesn’t give a clean break. “Hardy” chants. Carlito springboards and lands on his feet when Jeff moves. Jeff pulls the top rope down and sends Carlito outside. Jeff flies outside on top of him. Carlito hits a hard right as Jeff starts to enter the ring. Carlito hits a neck breaker / DDT on Jeff as he’s on the top rope. Carlito covers for two. “Hardy” chants. Jeff fights out of a corner. Dropkick to Jeff for two. Chinlock on Jeff. Jeff fights to his feet but gets slammed down. Carlito drops a knee and throws punches. “You suck” chants for Carlito. Reverse elbow to Jeff for two. Carlito wrenches Jeff’s arms back with a knee in his back. Jeff gets out and mule kicks Carlito into a corner. Carlito reverse a low dropkick and covers for two. Carlito kicks out of a twist of fate and hangs Jeff up-side-down in a corner. Carlito tries to dropkick Jeff’s face but Jeff moves. Whisper in the wind from Jeff for two. Carlito gets slammed down face first. Jeff climbs but Carlito gets up, Jeff jumps down. Back stabber is reversed into a twist of fate. Jeff climbs, flies with a swanton and covers for three.

– Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff celebrates. Video of high points of the match.

Vince dials again. A guys answers and has the password. He says only in America would someone give away a million dollars and wants the guy to sing some of the National Anthem. He does and wins $175,000.

Y2J comes down to the ring. He gets a mixed review with lots of heat. He says he’s been treated a lot differently this past week. He can see in their eyes that they wonder how he could do what he did to HBK. Video review of the feud between Y2J and HBK leading up to Y2J’s heal turn last week. Y2J says they again boo an honest man. He’s done with it. That’s why what happened to HBK last week wasn’t his fault, it was our fault. When he came back, he came back to save us, but we don’t want to be saved or deserve to be saved. We show who we like by our cheers and we love a backstabbing hypocrite. He can look in the mirror every morning with a clear conscience. We’ve change, not him. He doesn’t want or need us to cheer for him any longer. HBK says he’ll do what it takes to get ahead. When Y2J did the same thing last week, we booed him. Now he’s punishing HBK for our sins. HBK told the truth when he said the blood was on his hands. Now his blood is on our hands. He’s sure we wish HBK would come out and face him. He wants HBK to come out right now. He demands HBK come out right now. He starts an HBK chant.
HBK doesn’t come out. Y2J says he’s a coward, a worm, a liar, a pathetic excuse…
Flair’s music and out he comes to the stage! Y2J looks confused. Flair stands there and stares.

– Commercial

Flair’s music is still playing, the fans are going wild. Flair’s in the ring with Y2J. They’re nose to nose. Flair is glaring, Y2J looks lost. Flair says something not on mic. Y2J is about to say something any Flair slaps the mic from his hand.
Flair says he’s retired and can’t wrestle, but wants Y2J to fight in the parking lot right now. Flair rips off his jacket, leaves the ring and taunts Y2J. Flair backs up the ramp screaming. Flair leaves and Y2J follows. Flair’s stomping his way out talking smack to Y2J. Y2J says something about him being retired. Flair says he’ll Show him retired.
Flair goes out a door. Y2J starts heading out and gets backed up by HHH.
HHH says he thinks Y2J has done enough the past couple weeks. Since Y2J came back HHH has been looking to make Y2J his business.
Y2J asks if he’s fighting battles for Flair and HBK.
HHH says he just wants to fight Y2J.

– Commercial

Flair is yelling about HHH fighting his fights. They’re having fun. Vince comes up and says Flair looks good, but he can’t have him disrupting his Show. He’s doing a great job as an embassador, but he needs to have him escorted from the ring.
HHH asks Vince what is his problem.
Vince says he doesn’t have one, but HHH does. HHH is facing Y2J tonight.

Cody and Holly are in the ring. Cryme Tyme comes out to face them.
Holly and JTG are about to start when DiBiase comes out to the stage. Holly quickly rolls JTG up for three.

– Winners: Cody & Holly

Vince says he’s sorry he threw Flair out of the arena like that. The fans boo him big time. He dials and Becky answers. She’s watching and has the password. She’s from NC too. Wooos from the fans. He says in commemoration of Flair being the 16 time champion, he gives her $16.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Kennedy beating Paul Burchill last week. Katie distracts Kennedy and Paul hits the twisted sister from behind.

Paul and Katie are in the ring. Mickie’s music and she comes bouncing out in and orange two piece outfit. She waits and Kennedy comes out to join her. They enter together.
Kennedy and Paul start. Kennedy hits some punches then Paul takes him down with a clothesline. Back body drop to Paul for one. Kennedy beats him down in a corner. Kennedy then gets slammed down. They roll around exchanging blows. Knee to Kennedy’s gut. Paul covers for one. Chin lock / arm hold on Kennedy. Kennedy gets up and out but get slammed down. Paul stomps Kennedy. Kennedy gets whipped and his feet up. Kennedy is able to cover for two. Katie tags herself in.
Mickie enters and bitch slaps Katie. They exchange blows. Mickie hits a couple clotheslines and takes Katie down. Low dropkick and Mickie covers for two. Mickie climbs and Paul is going after her. Kennedy rushes through the ring and tackles Paul through the ropes from the apron. Mickie flies but Katie moves. Mickie lands on her feet but Katie hits a back breaker on her for three.

– Winners: Paul & Katie

Paul and Katie celebrate on the ramp.

Vince dials again. A Elaina answers and she’s all excited. She gives the password and wins. She’s babbling about loving him so much. He asks her who’s the most handsome. She says he’s the most handsome man she’s ever seen. $174,984.

– Commercial

Vince dials again. Peter answers. He recognizes Vince’s voice and has the password. He gives him $75,000 for the people at WM.

JR and King go through what’s slated at NOC.

Out back HHH leaves his locker room and runs into Cena. Cena tells him the same thing HHH said earlier. Good luck, don’t get hurt.

– Commercial

Vince is dialing again. He says he doesn’t know how long this will go on, but he will do it next week. He’s giving away $300,000 this time. Frank answers and says he loves Vince. He gives the password and wins $300,000! Vince says he’s glad no one from Salt Lake won any money tonight.

HHH’s music and he comes out. He does his normal ring entrance. Y2J comes out to face him.
They lock up and Y2J gets slammed down. A kick to HHH’s gut followed by a knee. Y2J traps HHH in a corner. They break and HHH backs Y2J in a corner with punches. Back body drop to Y2J. HHH gets whipped but ducks the immediate clothesline. Y2J gets sent outside and is holding his shoulder.

– Commercial

A punch to HHH and he hits the mat and rolls outside. Y2J leaves the ring and beats on HHH outside. HHH’s face is bounced off the stairs. Back in the ring, Y2J chokes HHH in a corner with his foot. “Jericho sucks” chants. Huge clothesline to Y2J after he showboated a bit and took up too much time. They exchange blows. HHH telegraphs and gets kicked. Clothesline to Y2J in a corner. Y2J tries to set up the walls but is kicked off. HHH rushes Y2J in a corner. Y2J gets his feet up. Spinebuster to Y2J. HHH sets up for the pedigree but is pushed off. Bulldog to HHH. Lionsault but HHH moves out of the way. Y2J fights out of the pedigree again and hits a back body drop. Y2J is again sent outside. HHH hits punches outside.
Cade comes out of nowhere and attacks HHH. Back in the ring Cade and Y2J beat down HHH. Cena shows up and tosses Cade from the ring. HHH and Cena fight. Y2J and Cade return to the ring and attack Cena and HHH. When Cena and HHH are down and out, Y2J smirks and smiles at Cade. They stand over the two guys and talks smack.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat