Renee Young is a “Free Agent”, Matt Morgan Done with Global Force

August 1, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

It appears that Renee Young will be making much more appearances on WWE television going forward. Young will now be appearing on both Raw and Smackdown as she has been made a “free agent” by the company. Young confirmed the news on Instagram when she uploaded photos of herself reuniting with Raw stars, including her husband Dean Ambrose. Young now joins John Cena in the exclusive club of free agents on WWE television, although John Cena still has yet to actually appear on Raw ever since he was announced as a free agent. Renee Young is still expected to appear on tonight’s edition of Smackdown as well.
Renee Young appearing as free agent seems rather odd seeing as how it was not announced or given any fanfare beforehand, but she seems to be handling backstage interviewing duties on both shows now. Young has had a tough go in WWE as of late, she vocally announced her displeasure on social media when WWE cancelled both her Talking Smack and Unfiltered shows on the WWE Network this year. The company also supposedly never told her about the cancellation of the shows and that she found out about the news on Twitter. Regardless, her new role in the company should allow her to continue interviewing WWE Superstars and keep doing what she does best.
Another one of the rumored departures from Global Force Wrestling has now been confirmed. Former WWE and TNA wrestler Matt Morgan has confirmed that he has already left GFW. Morgan appeared on the Wrestling Inc. podcast to confirm that he decided to leave as his GFW dates were getting in the way of his regular job. Morgan said that the only reason why he came back to Impact was as a favor to Jeff Jarrett and the company that had treated him so kindly in the past, and he also was under the impression that he only had to work on the weekends. Morgan’s exact words were: “I made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn’t have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn’t work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they’re looking to travel.” Morgan now joins Magnus, Madison Rayne, and Davey Richards as employees who have departed the promotion just this past week.

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