Renee Young On Losing Talking Smack, Dating Dean Ambrose & Hurtful Comments Online

September 15, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Renee Young was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where she discussed a variety of topics including how she felt about losing Talking Smack. Below are some highlights from the interview.

Losing Talking Smack

“It was, I was really upset to lose Talking Smack, also working with Bryan was great. It was an unknown thing for me, he is super talented and having him in that host role, who knew how great that would be? He was such a great co-host and had that I don’t give a shit attitude which made it so much bette when he went off the rails I was all for that. Having people make their own spotlights and take the situation and spin it was great for them.”

Dating Dean Ambrose

“Women love relationships. It’s funny having people care about it. I talk to everybody about everything, I don’t consider myself a private person but he is the polar opposite soit’ss finding that balance. Obviously, we were doing Total Divas and that was kind of an odd thing for us to try to make him not be Dean Ambrose, but it’s interesting having people care. Parts feel like it’s not bad but you get protective.”

Hurtful Comments Online

“I’ve had people say some really horrible things about my character as a person and its just insanity. It’s a slippery slope, it’s odd. John (Ambrose) is never on social media and if I moan about someone being mean to me on the internet he tells me to just get off it. But I can’t do that because I am a personality and I don’t know how to wrestle. I have zero mystique, it puts you in a weird spot. I feel like it was a thing more of us earlier on when we were dating.” 

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