Retail analysts unveil 7 biggest SS19 trends ahead of NYFW

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

New York Fashion Week has officially begun for the SS19 season, marking the first day in a long month of brands
showcasing their spring and summer collections internationally. While spectators typically need to view a few collections
before determining which trends will be the most prominent
next season, retail technology and data analytics service Edited has shared which styles
we will see the most of on runways this month.

In its report, Edited points out that there is no need to “reinvent
the wheel” each season, as consumers drive sales and don’t want a
completely new look each six months. Edited shares that trends are a
“magical fashion balance” that aim to offer a level of freshness while
remaining within a comfort zone. The seven most popular trends Edited
anticipates for SS19 fit this description.

Natural fabrics

As consumers tend more towards ethicality and sustainability in
clothing, brands and manufacturers have followed suit. Many are
realizing that sustainability begins with fabric choices, and Edited
believes that this will grow for the coming spring.

Squared necklines

Edited’s research estimates that statement sleeves of past seasons
will culminate this season in square necklines. “It’s part-Puritan,
part-D&G vamp – the exact kind of tension that does so well in
fashion,” the forecaster writes.

Animal prints

Leopard and zebra prints have made a comeback with the celebrity
and influencer crowds in the later end of this summer. Edited believes
that consumers and retailers have caught on and the animal print trend
is set to gain speed.

Saturated colors

Coming away from the muted tones of Millennial Pink and Gen-Z Yellow,
Edited’s research shows that consumers are going to crave bolder, more
powerful colors in the coming season.

Cargo pants

With consumer tendencies towards the “ugly fashions” of bum bags and
dad sneakers, it wouldn’t be a shock if cargo pants were the next
kitchy look to make its way into demand. Edited reports that retail
inclusions of cargo pants have increased by 266 percent in the last two
months already.

Unusual denim

Designers have already been getting more and more creative with
their denim styles, the most recent experiment being R13’s patchwork
denim shorts crafted to look like two separate pairs of shorts sewn
together. Intricately designed denim earns consumer attention and this
trend isn’t going anywhere.

Knotted details

Edited anticipates the summer favorite twist-knot dress will carry
the knotted element forward into forthcoming seasons, growing into
more complexly designed style elements through a variety of materials
to show craftsmanship.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ford SS19, V-files SS19, Kur SS19, Noon by Noor SS19, Jeremy Scott SS19, Matthew Adam Dolan SS19