Ring of Honor June 17 TV results and recap: Tanahashi/Naito vs Sydal/ACH

July 24, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

By Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

***Editor’s Note: this review originally ran for the Sinclair version of the show that aired on Destination America Wednesday night.

The Big Takeaway: Contract signing for the main event of next Friday’s PPV went off without incident. A killer tag dream match between NJPW and ROH’s best highlighted the in-ring action and the start of a heel turn for a long-time ROH babyface ends an undefeated streak.

Show Recap: 

It’s another show from the Toronto TV tapings that combined with NJPW talent in May. BJ Whitmer and Adam Page are out with their young boy Colby Corino as highlights of the beating a couple weeks ago at the hands of Moose are shown. War Machine are out next to thunderous WAR MACHINE chants. It’s supposed to be a tag team match between The Decade and War Machine as Corino gets his mentors ready for action.

Whitmer grabs a mic. Fans chant SHUT UP WHITMER. Whitmer says that two weeks ago Colby showed what a man he was and almost beat that goofy bastard Moose. He thinks that his father didn’t get the picture yet and he needs to prove it again tonight by taking his place in this match.

The Decade (Adam Page & Colby Corino w/BJ Whitmer) vs War Machine (Hanson & Rowe)

Page looks like he’s going to start off but tags in young Colby before they even look up. Rowe screams at him “YOU’RE NOT READY”. Colby slaps him across the face and Rowe tags in Hanson, who drops him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Steve Corino again on commentary screaming for “Gino”. The ref, maybe?  Hanson in and beats on him and throws him into Page’s corner but Page refuses to tag in and drops to the floor. Hanson finishes things with a leg lariat off the top rope.


Steve Corino gets up from commentary to argue with BJ Whitmer as we go to break. Back from break and Cedric Alexander is in the ring for a promo. A year ago he was the break-out star but now he’s not. It’s time for him to start picking up wins and he puts out a challenge to the undefeated Moose.

Moose w/Stokely Hathaway & Veda Scott vs Cedric Alexander

Kelly reminds us that Moose will take on Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin for the #1 contender’s spot on PPV this coming Friday. Moose actually misses a few big moves early and Alexander takes the first part of the match, eventually throwing Moose into the ringpost outside the ring. Moose turns things around by hitting a dropkick on Alexander while Alexander is perched on the top rope.

A commercial break and Alexander his a CRASH AND BURN on Moose and both guys are outside the ring. Kelly takes a break from calling the action to plug the Code Line. Alexander hits a flying DDT from the top rope but Kelly is too busy speculation who just signed a contract extension. Call the Code Line to find out. Or read your Observer.

Moose turns things around with a vicious short clothesline for two. Moose selling the effects of the hard match as we get duelling LETS GO CEDRIC/LETS GO MOOSE chants. They trade punches in a YAY/BOO segment, with the fans seemingly behind Alexander. Moose goes to the top but Alexander nails him with a low blow and then 4 straight dropkicks into the corner. Ref asks Moose if he wants to quit and Moose shoves him out of the way. Alexander nails two more dropkicks into the corner and is going for a third but Moose hits a spear.

Both guys down in the centre of the ring. Veda Scott pulled a wrench from under the ring and tosses it to Moose. He doesn’t want to use it but Alexander grabs it and nails Moose with it to get the win and end the unbeaten streak. Scott is incredulous at ringside.


Scott and Hathaway are beside themselves at ringside. Alexander gives the EVIL SMILE!!!~~! to the camera. Corino is pleased. Hathaway consoles Moose as we go to break. A video package going over the Addiction/KRD storyline with them winning the tag team title is the subject of this week’s Inside ROH. Highlights of last week’s handicap match between the Addiction and ReDRagon lead into a promo for the rematch this coming Friday at Best in the World.

Adam Cole interrupts Mandy for his return to ROH TV. He’ll be reuniting with the Kingdom for a match this coming Friday against The Bullet Club. Another commercial break and ACH is being introduced for tonight’s main event.

ACH/”Re-Bourne” Matt Sydal vs Tanahashi/Naito

This should be awesome. ACH is wearing an outfit that looks like it may have come out of Ricky Ricardo’s closet. Google it. New Japan guys are insanely over as you’d expect. Somewhat surprisingly they do not adhere to the Code of Honor, “like that dude who hit the piledriver a couple of Best in the Worlds ago”, Corino says.

Sydal and Tanahashi are in together at first and Sydal gets the best of that exchange. This makes way for Naito and ACH. Naito’s facial reactions to the crowd are something else. They are promoting next week’s main event of Bullet Club vs Chaos and then yet another plug for the Codeline while Naito and ACH do the YAY/BOO spot in the centre. ACH then chops the hell out of Naito, who drops him with a dropkick and then starts selling the chest from the chops.

ACH hits a sweet dropkick and then does his SWISH move (MVP’s Ballin’) and mocks Naito’s facials he was doing earlier. Tanahashi pulls ACH out of the ring and whips him into a barricade outside the ring as we go to another break.

Back in and they’re in the ring with Tanahashi in control. He does the “SWISH” and then misses a shooting star press from the second rope. “The pool was dry”, Kelly says as Corino mocks him. Naito tags in and gets a side slam for two. Naito works over ACH in the corner, while the fans chant NEW JAPAN. ACH knocks Naito off the ropes and then hits the double-stomp to the back of Naito’s neck and tags in Sydal.

Sydal hits a standing Rana on Naito and then takes out Tanahashi with a dropkick. Naito goes to the top but Sydal nails him with a Rana from the ring apron in an impressive spot. It only gets a two. He sets up for a standing moonsault but Tanahashi is behind him and catches him for a German suplex into the ropes. He goes back to his corner and Naito crawls over and makes the official tag as the fans chant THIS IS AWESOME. Sydal hits a leg lariat on Tanahashi and tags in ACH. He nails Tanahashi with a series of kicks, a running dropkick into the corner and then drops him with a clothesline for two.

ACH hits a German Suplex with a bridge for two. ACH ducks a couple clotheslines from Tanahashi and then mocks him by doing some air guitar. Tanahashi is pissed and takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip. He then gets a cloverleaf in the centre of the ring while Naito and Sydal are brawling outside the ring. But Sydal comes out of nowhere with a jumping knee to break it up.

Sydal goes for a move off the ropes  onto Naito and Tanahashi outside the ring but then push him off the ropes mid-move and he takes a nasty fall to the floor. ACH then follows up with a CRASH AND BURN to take them out. Tanahashi and ACH in the ring and ACH sets Tanahashi up in the centre for a Shooting Star Press by Sydal but Naito breaks up the pin. Springboard DDT on Sydal by Naito takes him down. ACH ducks a series of punches and then drops Naito with an enziguri, right beside Tanahashi, who is still on the matt.

ACH goes to the top and goes for a 450 splash on both guys. Naito rolls out and Tanahashi gets his knees up. Tanahashi with a neckbreak and then to the top for the High Fly Flow and the win.


Just an outstanding match and the NJPW duo celebrate as we go to break. After a break, Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with a table set up and he calls out TV Champion Jay Lethal. They’re doing a contract signing for the main event at Best in the World. Lethal is out with Truth Martini, looking as dapper as ever. Fans chant NEXT WORLD CHAMP as Lethal proudly proclaims to the camera “They already know”.

“Reach for the Sky, boy” and Nigel introduces world champion Jay Briscoe, accompanied by his brother Mark. Fans going nuts with MAN UP chants. Corino reminds us it’s been almost 3 years since Jay Briscoe has been pinned.

Nigel tells us the terms. Both titles are on the line. There will be a 60 minute time limit and there must be a winner. Both guys sign the contract fairly quickly. Nigel says that not just because of the titles but because of each man’s legacy, this is the biggest match in ROH history. Lethal then tells Briscoe that there’s one reason that he doesn’t flip over this table and drop him where he stands and it’s because he wants him at his best. This would be so that he has no excuses when he beats and proves he’s the #1 guy in this sport. “By signing that contract, you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life, just like your parents did 31 years ago”.

Jay Briscoe not at all happy with that last comment and has to be held back by his brother. Briscoe takes the mic. “When I get done whipping your ass, you’re gonna have to go back to being Black Machismo”. Fans chant BLACK MACHISMO as both champions jaw at each other, holding their titles in the air as the show is ending. Before they cut away though, we get a close up in the ring, of Jay Lethal repeating over and over again “That belt made you, but I made this belt”. Last thing we see is Jay Briscoe saying “Keep talking, boy”. Great angle to close the show.