Rocking Retail on the First Floor

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Career in fashion is an important issue on FashionUnited. With this interview series, we would like to
show how versatile the industry is and introduce the professionals who work in fashion.

You must have heard by now, that Harvey Nichols is re-launching the most important floor of fashion
in Knightsbridge, the celebrated first floor which is home to the most iconic and prestigious
womenswear designers. With this milestone, Harvey Nichols continues to build their reputation
around launching and championing international designers and being the local London store for
designer fashion. Excitingly, along with this launch comes a whole lot of incredible new talent that
the company is bringing (and flying) in! We have spoken to a few new key project managers Harvey
Nichols has taken on about their involvement in the first floor project and what they are excited
about for the grand opening.

Meet Abigail Pullin, Sales Manager

Tell us about yourself?

I come from a family of retailers – some of whom have been General Managers for department
stores themselves, so the passion for retail is very much in my genes. Retail is what we discuss over
Christmas dinner! I’m from Portugal originally (believe it or not, Portuguese is actually my first
language) and at 18 I moved to the UK to study Retail Management at University. Upon graduating I
started my career on the shop floor as a sales assistant. I was very determined to succeed and was
lucky to be recognised for the top sales I was doing so that I quickly progressed up to management.
After working in management for John Lewis I was looking to step into the luxury world, and that’s
how I ended up at Harvey Nichols.

What excites you about the first floor project?

Seeing the final result! Behind the scenes a lot of work has been taking place and it is something
everyone has been talking about for a long time so it’s exciting that we are now all counting down
the final days. The first floor is going set the tone of our fashion offering with some fabulous brands
and from a customer standpoint it will be an environment where they can truly relish a luxury
experience. This will grow our name on the map of luxury fashion! I’ve also had the opportunity to
recruit in some amazing new people. Probably one of the most favourite parts of my job is getting to
know new individuals. We brought in some real gems. There has been real growth in new talent and
the core of the team.

Meet Jihaun Wickham, Assistant Department Manager Designer Shoes

Tell us about yourself?

I’m originally from Ohio and I actually studied to be a teacher. However, when I worked part-time
with a make-up artist I realised I was a natural seller and I really enjoyed it. So after I graduated I
took up a sales position in a beauty drug store. Then the ball started rolling… I became Operations Manager for Clinique at Bloomingdales and subsequently Business Manager at Macy’s and then I
was promoted to Sales Manager of Fragrances and Beauty at Macy’s, Brooklyn. After getting
engaged with my British fiancée, I crossed the Transatlantic Ocean for love and left New York City to
join him in the UK. I am blessed to have now found this amazing position here at Harvey Nichols!

What excites you about the first floor project?

I’m excited about the way it’s going to look and the energy it’s going to bring. Having a new
department is like having a new baby! I think the launch is going to create a great buzz. We are the
best, the most stylish and knowledgeable – and by having this launch everything will fall right in line
with that. The new Designer Shoe department that I am overseeing is also going to be a one-of-its-
kind in London. The brands that we carry there and the shoe styles that we’ve chosen are very
client-based. We first look at who is coming into the store and what they are selecting. We then say:
“this is what our customer wants, let’s go and get it.” It really has that unique personal edge.

Meet Ashleigh White, Brand Consultant The Row

Tell us about yourself?

I studied fashion and textiles at university and ever since I have always worked within the retail
industry, starting off in department stores and independent boutiques, and then working around
London as a Style Consultant for MatchesFashion. I had my interview for Brand Manager for The Roe
in Paris a few days ago (which was amazing) and today is my first day in this new role! I’ve only been
here since February, previously being a Style Advisor, so I’m working my way up quite quickly. There
are lots of opportunities for career progression at Harvey Nichols and that makes me very excited for
what’s to come.

What excites you about the first floor project?

I am really looking forward to the new atmosphere, which is going to do a lot for the business. We’re
the only international designer floor in London that has undergone a redevelopment, so we’ll be in
the spotlight. We’re not doing it like the rest of them, but in Harvey Nichols style – we are free and
fearless! I also look forward to all the amazing new brands coming in and taking off. It will create a
lot of publicity and will make us more known than we already are, not just in London but

With only 42 days to go until the big launch on 29 th June, Harvey Nichols can’t wait to hit the
ground running with these awesome new people. Click to join the team!

This article was created in cooperation with Harvey Nichols.