Romeo Hunte brings street glam to New York Fashion Week

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

There’s streetwear and there’s traditional glamour, and rarely, if ever
have the twain met. Designer Romeo Hunte decided two meet the two in holy
matrimony at New York Fashion Week this season. His latest collection was
an homage to the fashion trends of the early to mid-1900’s. The womenswear
was done with a bit of menswear inspiration in mind.

“I always start off with menswear,” Hunte said to FashionUnited. “For
women’s I feminized those pieces to be very powerful, yet feminine. This
season we did a lot of velvet, satin, denim, fox, and mink. Each look is
designed to be a bang, so people have to really keep their eyes on the
details. For me it always comes down to detail, and that’s what makes a
collection special. I love cinched waists, draw strings, oversized coats,
and structured shoulders.”

Hunte started off designing a very streetwear collection, but then when he
started designing the women’s pieces he really wanted to dress the girl up
a bit, thus came his concept of “street glam.” The girls he was designed
for he considered more elevated and mature now, resulting in him using
details like fringe, more pops of color, and a reinvention of his

For Hunte, one of the main goals for his business right now is going more
global. The designer just did a show in Nigeria where he has developed a
strong following. He opted to show his men’s and women’s together in New
York because, “My men shop the women’s closer, and my women shop the men’s
closet, so I thought why not put them together,” he said to FashionUnited.

The collection featured crystalized graphic sweaters and tops, satin poncho
puffers, denim, trench coats, lambskin tie dye jackets, and biker jackets;
staying true to his unique and trendy outwear ethos. Tassels,
embellishments, fishnets, and a bright color palette complimented the
unique designs.

With the line going into its sixth year, Hunte is continuing to evolve, and
has found a way to give his customers something new, all while staying true
to his brand DNA. His evolution continues, and given the applause at the
end of his runway show, customers will continue to follow and shop this

photos: courtesy of Purple PR