Ryback Accuses New WWE Producer Of Being “All About The Money”

July 22, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former-WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback had some harsh criticisms of new WWE Producer Pat Buck. Buck was recently hired by the promotion, but has a long history with The Big Guy, going back to their days in Ohio Valley Wrestling. While Ryback praised Buck’s wrestling mind, he said that Buck’s loyalty is questionable.

Transcription via Ross Kelly at Wrestling INC.

“He does have a good wrestling mind; he has a great wrestling mind,” Ryback said of Buck being hired by WWE. “So, I’ll never take anything away from him on that end. But the type of human being he is…[WWE] has to be very careful about him because he leaks stuff out and is all about money.”

Ryback said that “Information will get leaked out…he has done it in the past.”

According to Ryback, Buck tried to put Conversations w/ The Big Guy (Ryback’s franchise podcast) in his own name, in the hopes that Ryback would go to WWE and Buck would get Ryback’s fans and following. Ryback accused the WrestlePro owner of withholding money from Ryback during photo ops.

Ryback was asked when the last time he spoke with Buck was, and Ryback shared some less-than-friendly words that he had for Buck.

“I sent him a message and let him know the other day that I’m gonna personally get him fired when I’m f***ing healthy if he doesn’t get fired before that and enjoy the short-term ride while he’s up there…,” said Ryback.

“I just informed him when I see you I’m beating the sh*t out of you and that’s the truth. That’s just from a man’s standpoint – you robbed me, you talked bad about me, I’ll be positive all day long but at the end of the day I’m gonna f**k you up still because you’re a little b***h. That’s just being a man…”

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Conversations w/ The Big Guy