Sami Callihan States He Will Not Be Wrestling Until Coronavirus Is Contained

July 13, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

IMPACT Wrestling star, Sami Callihan has released a statement on social media confirming he will not be wrestling until Coronavirus is contained.

While shows and events may still go ahead with limited/no audiences, Sami Callihan will not be appearing at them.

He released a series of tweets stating that until the situation gets better, he will not be going to “ANY” wrestling shows. Callihan stressed that safety is the most important aspect as he begged the world to be as safe as possible.

Callihan stressed that his family, animals, and himself are more important than fake fighting, and he hopes everyone will do the same.

Fuck characters, fucks storylines…. our safety is the most important thing.

Until this gets better I’m not going to ANY wrestling shows.

I beg the world to be as safe as possible in this extremely scary time.

Let’s join together like never before.

We can get through this.

— … (@TheSamiCallihan) March 13, 2020

My family… my animals… myself is more important than fake fighting in our underwear.

I’m sorry.

I’m not going to show until this in contained.

I hope everyone does the same.

The world.

Our loves.

Is not worth it.

— … (@TheSamiCallihan) March 13, 2020

If people wanna talk shit or trolle…. FUCK YOU!

Why’s it so bad we wanna keep safe?

Why is entertainment more important than our well being?

Society is flawed.

Screw this twitter, and social media bullshit!

Let be fucking safe!

— … (@TheSamiCallihan) March 13, 2020

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