SD! Workers Disappointed With Draft, Kennedy Ready To Return, Booker A Hero?

February 10, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

– Several members of the SmackDown crew reacted with disappointment after Monday’s WWE Draft Lottery on RAW. While many people were excited to get to travel and work with Ric Flair again, they were less than pleased with the losses of King Booker, Sharmell, and Mr. Kennedy. The loss of Chris Benoit to ECW was considered another big hit to the brand, but some workers tried to look at it from an optimistic viewpoint that they’ll still be able to travel and interact socially with the Canadian Crippler.

– King Booker was looked at by many in the SmackDown locker room as a hero, especially after standing up to the unpopular Batista last year. His presence on the brand will definitely be missed.

– Regarding Ken Kennedy, he is ready to wrestle and will likely make his debut on RAW next week.

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