Sonjay Dutt on Terrible Travel Day, Stuck In Sub-Zero Temperature

July 12, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

IMPACT Wrestling’s Sonjay Dutt was aboard a United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong when he and the other passengers were stuck on the ground for more than 14 hours. According to CNN, the incident happened on Saturday when the flight had stopped at The Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada after a medical emergency.
After the passenger was taken to a local hospital, the plane was ready to set off again until it was found that the door was broken. The passengers couldn’t leave the airplane because of The Goose Bay Airport not having a customs officer on duty during the overnight hours.
Dutt, who tweeted during the incident, wrote that they had to go on a rescue plane and that the temperatures were around -19 °F when he was getting on a bus. There were also times where the weather dropped below -25 °F. He also tweeted that Goose Bay Officials handed out Tim Hortons Snacks & Water in the morning. Before that, he was tweeting a harrowing plea to United Airlines because of the low food supply, as seen below:

Might not make it Macau on time for EWE. A medical emergency rerouted my plane. Landing in Goose Bay, Canada, where it’s -20. A door broke, can’t fix and awaiting rescue for the last 10 hours as I sit in this place on a runway in middle of nothing Canada. We need help @united
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Please help us. This is an emergency @united. People are not doing well. Running low on food.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

My home for the last 12+ hours.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Goose Bay officials just brought on Tim Hortons snacks and water. We were running out of food. Thanks to the local officials for their help.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Stepped outside to get on bus. The most painful, blistering cold ever.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Taking off on rescue plane back to Newark after almost 19 hours stranded in Goose Bay.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Finally landed back at Newark at 6:00pm eastern time. Now, I attempt to get back to Virginia. The journey continues.
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 20, 2019

Dutt’s latest tweet was about him finally landing back home in Virginia and because of this incident, he will be missing The EWE Show in Macao on Tuesday, as seen below:

To end this thread, I just landed back home in VA.
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I’ll miss the EWE show in Macao on Tuesday. My apologies to those fans coming out for this debut event.
I landed in Goose Bay 25hours ago last night after flight diverted. Now, home to my bed. Wow. Thanks for following along
— SONJAY (@sonjaydutterson) January 21, 2019