"Superstar" Billy Graham Calls Vince McMahon 'Evil' & Says He Will 'Burn In Hell'

January 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

As reported earlier, “Superstar” Billy Graham was recently informed that World Wrestling Entertainment would be releasing him from his $500 a week contract not to mention prohibiting him from using his trademark moniker in any capacity related to wrestling any longer.

As you would imagine, he was initially furious over their decision to retain all rights to his stage name and character as he had been using the “Superstar” Billy Graham persona long before he joined WWE. Fortunately for Graham, WWE made a clerical error by sending him a form letter release as the terms on the letter don’t apply to him.

The issue between Graham and WWE has since been resolved as company officials told him on Monday morning that he owns all rights to his three wrestling names — Wayne Coleman, Billy Graham and “Superstar” Billy Graham — and is free to use them at wrestling related events without interference.

However, before Graham resolved things with WWE, he was apparently going on a mini-crusade online to get back at the company. First, he had his termination paper posted online — something’s he’s prohibited from doing. A few days later, he forwarded an e-mail condemning Vince McMahon, calling him an “evil man” and saying he will “burn in Hell” for trying to prevent him from using his wrestling name.

We managed to get a hold of Graham’s e-mail. Here is what was written in its enirety:

“One more thought concerning not being able to use my wrestling name of Superstar Billy Graham in any capacity related to wrestling once my contract is up. What if I wanted to paint a portrait of a dead wrestler, my dear and precious friend, Eddie G. And I wanted to sell this painting of Eddie for his memory to and for wrestling fans and wrestlers alike. I would not be able to sign my wrestling name of Superstar Billy Graham to a portrait I just painted of Eddie? Vince will indeed burn in Hell for trying to stop me from using my pro wrestling name, because he doesn’t want me to, let him burn, he is one evil man.”

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