The new dewy foundation taking over Korea doubles as skincare

July 12, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns


11th Jul 2019

Move over BB cushions, there’s a new girl in town and she’s on the lips (and skin) of every Korean this year. These days, everyone knows that when it comes to looking good, it’s skincare first and make-up second. But it turns out, those genius Koreans have done it again and come up with a product that’s the best of both.

Meet essence-infused foundation. It comes in a cute round pact, has a smooth solid texture like a crème blush but is slightly damp rather than sticky to the touch. Just one look at the ingredients lists of these foundations and you’ll see why the Koreans have quickly converted. While not all essence foundations are created equal, the popular LUNA Foundation lists ferments and extracts as its top ingredients. Compare that to your favourite major brand foundations, which are usually full of denatured alcohol, talc, dimethicone and other skin triggers. Basically, when it comes to your skin health, essence foundation is the kale of base make-up.

Skin health isn’t the only reason you should consider switching to essence foundation. Given its hydrating ingredients, essence foundation is your winter moisture maestro and will get you ‘chok chok’ (dewy) skin in no time. While the dewy finish is to-die-for, the other huge benefit of this non-liquid concoction is that it’ll save you from your own heavy hand by avoiding giant globules of paint and instead pressing a thin, even amount of pigment onto your applicator. If you’re prone to cake face and wonder how the Koreans get that natural ‘no make-up’ look, this essence foundation is a great place to start this winter. Here are our three favourites, below.

  1. LUNA Essence Water Pact EX
  2. AGE 20’s Essence Cover Pact
  3. It’s Skin Prestige Swirl Essence Foundation D’escargot

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