TJ Perkins On Why He Left WWE, Talking With AEW & Why Neville’s Title Run Cost 205 Live Viewers

August 4, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins recently spoke with the “Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet” podcast about why he left WWE and how Neville’s title run hurt the WWE 205 Live brand in the long run. H/T to The Mirror for the transcription.

On why he left WWE:

He said: “I had considered leaving a little bit sooner. I was going back and forth a little bit on it. I don’t really believe in quitting. I never like to just quit unless there was a thing I specifically wanted to do and this was one of those situations.

“I’d meet up with the team every week and pitch some stories – and I had stories for everybody on every show. They just didn’t see anything as a good fit for the type of story they wanted to tell. Eventually, it just ran its course and they told me they didn’t know what to do with me. We wanted to find a way to make it work, where I wasn’t just a waste of space.”

On having talks with AEW:

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“The day that me parting with WWE was announced, I literally received a phone call from everybody. So I’m not going to say I’ve talked not to one individual place as I’ve at least had a conversion with every single one. And I’d love to work at any of these places, especially AEW.

“In terms of AEW, they have a lot more on their plate than worrying about little old me. But there’s been a little contact and maybe something will come, and I’m only going to say that much.”

Why Neville’s title run hurt 205 Live:

“It was never meant to be built around one guy in the first place because that really hurts a dozen people that need to be introduced. I think we kind of saw that when we got to the period where we had Neville come in for example. We all loved having him to work with, because he’s an incredible performer.

“But from a creative standpoint, to do the Goldberg thing where we were lining up to lose to him, that’s when interest started going down because now all these people, their first introduction to these fans is basically we’re all losers.”

Source :

The Mirror