TNA President Dixie Carter Fires Back At Vince McMahon's Insulting Comments

January 30, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns


Earlier this week, Vince McMahon spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and had some harsh words regarding TNA Wrestling’s television programming. The WWE Chairman said:

“My concern with TNA is that they are TV-14, and we are PG. They have to change with the times. I think some of the things they do on television are reprehensible, but it is a TV-14 rating. That’s the only bone I have to pick with them. Their TV ratings are a fraction of ours.”

Now, TNA President Dixie Carter is firing back at Vince, claiming that what happens on the PG-rated Monday Night Raw is worse than anything on TNA iMPACT! Carter told the UK Sun:

“I think it’s wonderful that Vince watches TNA iMPACT. “And I agree with him that things such as the brutal beating of a sixty-year-old man [Jericho-Flair], a vicious home invasion [Triple H-Orton] and gratuitous man-on-woman violence [Orton-Stephanie] can be seen as reprehensible – and that’s just the last three Monday nights.”

While Vince can make the argument that some of TNA’s more outlandish angles (such as Samoa Joe putting a knife to Scott Steiner’s throat) are “reprehensible,” it’s his own WWE product that bears the family-friendly TV-PG rating and is overtly marketed to children.

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