TNA's View On Rhaka Khan's Allegations, TNA Bans Photographer, Impact Media

January 24, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— TNA officials are apparently willing to accept that the stalking charges directed towards Kurt Angle were made up by Trenesha Biggers, 27, (a.k.a. Rhaka Khan) because of the internal feeling she’s a bigger piece of work than he is.

One comment on her made this past week by a person within TNA is that as crazy as some people are in the company, if you add up all the craziness of everyone else, she, by herself, beats that. That’s apparently why the company was willing to take Angle’s side on the stalking charges and disregard the police report.

Biggers is a former Division I college volleyball and basketball star who was recruited by WWE in 2005 because of her legitimate 6-2 height and unique look, as she had worked as a model before entering the wrestling industry. However, her tenure with the company would not last long as she was released from her developmental contract within a few months as they felt she was clueless when it came to professional wrestling. (source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— TNA officials recently made the decision to no longer allow a photographer to shoot photos from the pit area in the Impact Zone because the magazine he was shooting for, the Spain-based wrestling periodical Solo Wrestling, shut down. He had been shooting photos during televised TNA events for nearly two years.

Here is what he wrote on his Flickr account concerning the situation: “Effective today I can no longer photograph TNA. I am very upset about this but what can I do right? Myself and Lee South had a very pleasant conversation over the phone about this today. Basically since SoloWrestling Mag is no more I can no longer shoot there. Besides that, come on TNA??? What is it harming that I am no longer a part of Solo? My photos have become so ridiculously popular world wide I still can’t believe it. I could say a lot more but I’m not so there you have it. In the mean time I’ll just be focusing on uploading the rest of my photos. It’s a lot of them. Thank you to those that have supported me and my TNA photography…sniff, sniff………..but don’t stop coming here to my site. I still have A LOT OF PHOTOS to upload from previous matches so stay tuned.”

Click here for more reaction as the photographer responded to a number of readers’ comments.

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