Tod’s and Mr. Bags to debut collaboration on WeChat ‘Baoshop’

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Tod’s is to become the first luxury brand to debut a product on WeChat’s
mini programme, called ‘Baoshop’, when it launches its limited-edition
handbag co-designed by Chinese fashion blogger Tao Liang, better known as
Mr. Bags.

Launching on June 26, the dog-like handbag will be available first from
the ‘Baoshop’ within the WeChat ecosystem, before it is rolls out to
selected Tod’s boutiques globally and the Tod’s own WeChat mini programme.

The exclusive ‘Baoshop’ pop-up store, allows for a more personal touch
and a seamless “reading-to-shopping” experience said Liang in a press
release, while also allowing shoppers to learn more about the product as
well as purchase directly via WeChat Pay.

Liang is one of the most powerful influencers in China, boasting more
than four million followers, and he states that the “convenience and
asset-light weight of the mini programme perfectly fits with user
expectations,” as it provides users with a more reliable, convenient and
high-quality shopping channel.

These mini programmes are becoming an important part of the with shoppers, and they are
seen as good conversion platform for the new economic model that is
emerging in China, referred to as the fans economy.

The limited-edition handbag features dog-like details in a reference to
the year of the dog being celebrated in China this year. The collaboration
has 500 handbags, 300 of which will be offered first on Liang’s ‘Baoshop’.

Image: courtesy of WeChat