Tomko Out Of Jail & Headed To WWE-Sponsored Rehab

January 12, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former WWE and TNA star Travis Tomko posted $7,500 bail on Thursday and was finally released from jail, according to the St. Augustine Record. He’ll be headed to WWE-sponsored drug rehab immediately.

Tomko’s attorney James McCune told the newspaper:

“He’s very grateful for all the support he’s received from his friends, family and fans around the world. Mr. Tomko realizes he is struggling with an addiction and with the support of his family and the WWE, he is voluntarily checking himself into an undisclosed treatment facility to receive the help he needs for a successful recovery.”

Tomko was arrested earlier this month after robbing a CVS pharmacy of oxycodone pills and getting caught in the bathroom of a Chili’s restaurant injecting over a hundred melted-down pills.

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