Tony Khan Says AEW Fight for the Fallen Staging Inspired by ‘South Park’

July 23, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter late Saturday night following Fight for the Fallen to thank all the fans around the world who watched the show. He also revealed an amazingly hilarious factoid about the stage setup for this weekend’s event, claiming that he dreamed it up last year while watching South Park.

Mr. Khan is of course referencing the 10th episode of the 13th season, entitled “W.T.F”, during which the South Park gang create their own wrestling federation after attending a WWE pay-per-view and seeing John Cena and Edge in action. The entire episode is a parody of WWE, Vince McMahon and the professional wrestling industry as a whole. The whole series is available on Hulu – definitely check out “W.T.F.” if you’ve never seen it.

Thank you to everyone who watched @AEWrestling #FightForTheFallen live or on @brlive US/Canada or @FiteTV elsewhere. Over a year ago I dreamed this staging watched South Park, @dailysplace was great tonight! This show wasn’t designed to profit, glad to give back to Jacksonville!

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) July 14, 2019

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