Top WWE Executive Sells Over $3 Million Worth Of Company Stock

July 19, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE’s stock is still performing well as the company looks toward their new television deals set to begin in October 2019. Many of the company’s top executives have sold off a considerable amount of company stock during this recent boom in value. Co-President George Barrios has sold even more stock than he previously did in the past few months.
Barrios sold 120,546 shares of WWE stock in July for a sum of $9.9 million. According to SEC filings, Barrios sold an additional 37,708 shares on August 10th at $80 apiece netting an additional $3 million.
WWE stock recently declined in value closing at $77.67 which is a 2.13% dip. Barrios sold his shares at a higher price point of $80 on Friday, but he still has plenty of WWE stock left. After his most recent sale, Barrios still has 569,440 shares remaining which at the current price of $77.67 has a value of $44.2 million.

WWE Executive Vice President Of Television Production Kevin Dunn and Co-President Michelle Wilson topped the list of the amount of stock sold at this point with $18 million and $22 million respectively.
Below is an updated list of WWE executives and how much company stock they have sold in the past month:
WWE Executive Vice President, Television Production, Kevin Dunn: 305,226 shares for $18 million
Co-President, Michelle Wilson: 261,181 shares for $22.1 million

Co-President, George Barrios: 158,252 shares for $13.2 million
Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon Levesque: 17,373 shares for $1,440,569.16
Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, Paul Levesque (Triple H): 17,272 shares for $1,432194.24

President, WWE Studios, Michael Luisi: 16,579 shares for $1,374,730,68
Corporate Controller, Mark Kowal: 4,913 shares for $407,385.96

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