Trackwrestling Launches ‘Trackcast’

July 21, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The wrestling world has been asking for it – and Trackwrestling has answered.

Trackwrestling has been on the forefront of putting easy to use technology in the hands of tournament directors, coaches, and fans for over a decade, adding new functionality to the website each year. With the explosion on online streaming video, event directors have been searching for options with live event coverage. Trackcast delivers.

“We’ve released a lot of great tools over the course of 13 years, but Trackcast is going to be an absolute game-changer for the wrestling world,” according to Justin Tritz, President and CEO of Trackwrestling. “We are empowering event hosts with easy to use video solutions of their own, allowing them to recognize revenue streams associated with the growing demand for streaming video.”

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Trackcast allows users to easily integrate live scoring and other event information into their streams. The overlays work seamlessly with Trackwrestling’s matside scoring system, providing an operational and viewer experience that is second to none.

“The integration with the Trackwrestling platform provides a seamless solution that the wrestling world has never seen before,” notes Shane Benitz, Chief Operations Officer at Trackwrestling. “The video software is fully integrated with our tournament software and

scoreclocks, so with basically a camera and a computer tournament hosts can provide professional quality streaming video that includes overlays so fans at home see who is wrestling, scores, time, etc,” adds Tritz.

So, who is Trackcast for? The short answer is it’s for anyone and everyone interested in streaming and the continued advancement of wrestling – organizations, event directors, coaches, streaming companies, entrepreneurs, and fans alike. The goal of Trackcast is not to own the video space, but to empower these people with the tools they need to stream video on their own.

A unique feature of Trackcast is video streams can be broadcasted anywhere you choose. Events may want to showcase their streams on their own website or other wrestling networks, or may choose to utilize one of the streaming platforms offered via Trackcast.

So far, Trackcast has been an overwhelming success. Piloted at the Pointer Open, a collegiate tournament in Wisconsin, the new streaming tool successfully streamed and archived video for all the mats. The NCAA allows the use of video replay at events, and Trackcast provides a solution to easily record, archive, and provide video replay of matches.

“It is an exciting time to be a part of Trackwrestling right now as we prepare to roll out Trackcast,” said Tommy Mirocha, Trackwrestling’s graphic designer and programmer who played a key role in the design for Trackcast. “It’s a powerful video streaming tool that provides an amazing user experience for anyone watching.”

And the team is growing. Shane Sparks from, a fan-favorite announcer, will be partnering with Trackwrestling. “We are so excited Shane is coming on board for this,” says Tritz. “He brings tremendous energy, talent, and genuine passion for the sport into his broadcasts.”

The feeling is mutual. “I am very excited and proud to be partnering with Justin and his team at Trackwrestling. Justin is a true professional, respected with one of the top reputations in our sport. The relationships and trust Justin has built within the wrestling community are second to none. Trackwrestling has changed the game in its promotion of wrestling and I look forward to being a part of that.”

In an effort to make it even easier to provide this tool to events, Trackwrestling is bringing in its scoreclock partner Display Dimensions to offer several options for access to needed equipment, including a lower cost rental option. “We will be offering equipment packages that will be ready out of the box. The efficiency is incredible – with one computer users can be streaming, live scoring, and controlling the scoreclock if they choose,” says Calvin Elgersma, co-founder of Display Dimensions.

Trackwrestling has been partnered with the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) to deliver weight management, statistics packages, live scoring, and event management software for High Schools and Colleges across the country. The NWCA is excited about the addition of Trackcast to the Trackwrestling platform. “On behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, we are thrilled that through our Trackwrestling/NWCA partnership, we have been able to further enhance our technology platform to make it is easier than ever for web-streaming companies to substantially enhance the fan experience by integrating live scoring, bout time, and wrestlers names into their webcasts,” said Mark Cody, NWCA President.

For those familiar with the Trackwrestling platform, this release opens up an exciting new streaming option. “The Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation has used Trackwrestling almost since its inception and the ease of use and professionalism displayed by them and their product has always been top notch,” said Mike Urwin. “Now they offer an exciting alternative in internet broadcasting with the development of Trackcast to give tournament hosts the ability to showcase and market their events at an even higher level than ever before.”

Urwin also notes, “It gives family members and wrestling fans the opportunity to watch some of our sport’s greatest events at the click of a button. We applaud their efforts to provide a low cost solution to internet broadcasting and look forward to providing this feature for some of the IKWF’s premier events.”

“The most exciting thing is we are just getting started!” says Tritz. “Just like Trackwrestling, we have big plans for this tool and will continue to add and improve it as time goes on.”

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