Trends to watch: what is in store for winter 2018?

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

After reviewing the trend forecasters predictions, pouring over the
trendy fashion brands’ websites, and analyzed what we have seen on the
fall/winter catwalks earlier this year. FashionUnited is confident to
present some of the top trends you will be seeing in the upcoming season.
Whether restocking a store, getting up to speed for the back-to-school
season, or just refreshing your closet, this information may prove


Featured in many western trends, fringes are all about outlining and
enhancing each movement with a flutter, adding dynamism to a look. They can
be found on ready-to-wear clothing (jackets, coats or shirts), but remains
particularly popular on accessories worn to spice up an outfit. For
retailers needing a short-term buying investment, go for bags with fringes;
they are easy to wear and can add style to a more classical dress look, and
ideal for upselling with other pieces being purchased.

Photos : Silhouette Isabel Marant A/H 2018 – Bottes Saint
Laurent Paris –
Sac Maje – Silhouette Chloé A/H 2018.


The most stylish and the most trendy headwear is featured in all the
fashion shows this year. Whether it be a cap from embroidered cloth or wool
with a sailor look, a felt hat or Fedora, a bonnet or even a beret,
everything is possible this winter. At Dior, after Maria Grazia put a beret
at the front of the ready-to-wear stage for Autumn–Winter 2017-2018, it has
undergone a revival. The milliner Stephen Jones confirms it: “The beret is
the T-shirt of the headwear”. Buyers should look for the one made in
France by the fashion house Laulhère, whose history and know-how is worth
checking out.

Photos : Béret Laulhère – Silhouette Mes Demoiselles A/H 2018.

The equestrian look

Whilst Hermès is the fashion house that flies the equestrian
flag high, the riding look can also be seen with numerous brands this
winter. Also at Dior, the 2019 Cruise Collection teamed up with the Great
Stables of Chantilly Chateau for a show with an equestrian metaphor married
with French tradition with South American aesthetics. It marked the return
of jodhpurs, horsemen’s riding boots, cloaks and lovely tanned hides. The
horse saddle blanket has even been reinvented as a skirt (Derek Lam) or
short jacket (Hermès). Accessories featuring this theme include wide belts,
long gloves and large leather bags.

Photos : Silhouette Chloé A/H 2018 – Silhouette Zara A/H

The Maxi pullover

Knitwear remains a winter staple. This winter, to seduce the female
consumer, pullovers and cardigans must come in an oversized design. Colour
is also an important factor: strong or even fluorescent colours are
predicted to be most popular. Numerous big brands, including Gap, H&M, and
Topshop, have put a stop to mohair usage to protest the suffering endured
by goats at shearing time. Preference will be given to soft and creamy
knits. Warning: pay attention to composition, how and where the garments
were made. It is all about ethical responsibility!

Photos : Silhouette Zara A/H 2018 – Silhouette Des Petits Hauts
A/H 2018 –
Silhouette Sonia Rykiel A/H 2018.

The animal print (again!)

Indispensable for several seasons now, items featuring animal prints can
spice up a collection. As an overall look or as a single item mixed in with
a modern outfit: the idea this season is to combine the print with others
or to wear a sporty version of it (as with Kenzo printed on a technological
material). Leopard, panther, zebra, everything is allowed. The idea is to
blend the prints (Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli) or mix them with a streetwear
wardrobe (Balenciaga, Kenzo).

Photos : Paule Ka A/H 2018 – Silhouette Michael Kors A/H 2018 –
Kenzo A/H

The lingerie style dress

Nighties worn as daytime clothing continues to maintain popularity.
Following the pyjama effect which still endures thanks to Bottega Veneta,
this winter the silk or satin nightdress is the daring choice. Worn against
the bare skin (Blumarine, Givenchy) or accessorised with a large pullover
(see the Maxi pullover trend), the bedroom style ventures outdoors. In
display windows, these items can be seen enhanced with a large coat or worn
over jeans. Accessories also strike the right tone to show that the
nightdress is the new hit for winter 2018!

Photos : Silhouette Mes Demoiselles A/H 2018, Silhouette Mango
Automne 2018
– Silhouette Zadig & Voltaire A/H 2018.


This is the crowning material for winter 2018. Both stylish and
rustic, sheepskin sheared or not, is a big hit in fashion and in the
accessories sector (fake fur is also welcome). Soft and warm, it can be
worn in many ways. Worn as a fashion item (long coat, jacket), an accent
(to collars), as well as used in various with accessories brands (bags,
shoes) for its nomadic touch. A natural material, the skin also takes
colours for a more modern effect (Prada, Zadig & Voltaire).

Photos : Sac rond Marie Martens – Mules Isabel Marant –
Silhouette Mango
A/H 2018.

The tartan mix

Forget sensible Scottish skirts, this is the 2018 version which is much
more cheeky! With stylish design, the tartans combine the size of the print
and colours for the most daring mix-and-matched looks. The hippest outlines
are certainly those that dare to stir the most improbable mixes (Michael
Kors Collection, Jour/Né, Versace). As an overall look or as an added
touch, tartan is reviving the “British style”. To be accompanied as
desired: classic or trendy.

Photos : Silhouette Stradivarius A/H 2018 – Silhouette Zara A/H

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Main photo : Zara, collection A/H 2018.