UK retailers are backing universal sizing system

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

A universal sizing system could soon take over the high street as retailers
including Asos, New Look, River Island and Next have partnered with Shape
GB, a revolutionary body volume system for measurement.

According to the Daily Mail, the Shape GB campaign will consist of a survey
to take measurements of 30,000 adults to determine how body shapes have
changed since the study on body shapes took place 17 years ago.

The software, which was developed over a period of 10 years, divides the
body into seven sections using three-dimensional technology. These sections
comprise of a person’s two arms, two legs, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. The
software allows the body to be measured in part volume so that weight
distribution and therefore body shape can be measured.

The data creates a 3D avatar which then produces volume and linear
measurements of a person in order to better understand and deliver fit
solutions for retailers and the retail industry at large.

The app captures measurements that a human hand could not

For those who are interested in having their measurements taken can
download the ShapeGB app. The app captures data using two photos processed
as silhouette outlines. It obtains measurements that simply can’t be
measured by human hand and works in the same way as a full body 3D scanner,
using photonic or laser technology to measure the body in a stand-up booth.
The app determines the user’s body volume indicator (BVI), which is an
update to the body mass index (BMI) measurement.

Shape GB is a part public, part privately sponsored collaborative project
between 6 major retailers, 5 Universities and a number of companies and
organisations that specialise in retail sizing surveys. Retailers can buy
sizing reports, which start at 1,450 pounds.

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