Update On Vickie Guerrero's Nude Photos, WWE Diva Wants To Work For JBL, More

January 31, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— WWE’s doing a storyline where a “bidding war” unfolded over the nude photographs of SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero between Chavo Guerrero and The Great Khali. Chavo Guerrero looked to seal the victory in the auction, only to be outbid at the last minute by The Great Khali. The storyline is that Khali gave the photos to WWE.com to post on the website. {WWE Mobile on AT&T: Khali wins an auction}

— WWE Diva Katie Lea has posted Short and Snappy Tales of Greatness #6. She said one of her goals in 2009 is to work for John Bradshaw Layfield. Lea wrote: “Work for JBL. Surely a blind man can see that having mouse-faced grumpy-man Shawn Michaels in JBL’s corner is eventually going do him more harm than good. I predict that the ‘Kid’ (..?) will snap one day turning things pretty ugly for everyone involved… I would think (and I’m good at thinking), that it would be a far better option for JBL to have a virile and beautiful young woman by his side, willing to do absolutely anything he asks of her… Needless to say, I have sent in my application.” Lea also wants to beat up Alicia Fox, who she refers to as “Little Miss Saturday Night Fever,” so it looks like a feud may be developing between the two. On her recent move to ECW, Lea wrote: “How do I feel about getting involved in ECW..? Well, naturally I am EXTREMEly excited. Hahahaha, what a joke, a hilarious joke! Seriously though. I am. Ready to unleash my demon, to finally let him roam free and spread his wings causing chaos and destruction everywhere. Or should that be decadence and disorder..? Either way, this is going to be fun…” You can read her latest entry at the following link.

— You can see video of Kizarny’s final vignette promoting his debut at the following link. For those unaware, he’s actually supposed to be a babyface.

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